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Danganronpa (Episode 6) – Alter Ego

Danganronpa 6_3

So far, all killers in Danganronpa have killed only one person at once. However, that’s not the only way things could go – according to Monobear’s school rules up to two people can be murdered at once by the same culprit. In episode 6 of the anime, a student takes advantage of this rule.

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Danganronpa (Episode 5) – Revelations

Danganronpa 5_7

Episode 5 of Danganronpa: The Animation revealed quite a bit of new information. Not only was the second culprit found this time, but some secrets were also shed light on.

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Danganronpa (Episode 4) – Genocider Syo

Danganronpa 4_8

Danger seems to have passed and the criminal caught. Everybody gets a chance to breathe in relief. Until Monobear reminds everybody where they are and what eventually awaits all of them.

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Danganronpa (Episode 3) – Every crime results in a punishment

Danganronpa 3_1

One of the 13 students still alive is a murderer. Who is it? That is exactly what this episode of Danganronpa dealt with. Through thorough investigation and search for clues, the high schoolers form their opinions and attempt to identify the culprit.

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Danganronpa (Episode 2) – First victim

Danganronpa 2_2

It’s nice when a story does not take too long to develop. While not rushing anywhere, Danganronpa got straight to business in Episode 2. That’s right – the game has begun, and there has already been the first victim. It is now up to rest of the students to solve the crime and find the culprit, unless they want to be killed themselves.

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Danganronpa (Episode 1) – The 15 super-duper high schoolers

Danganronpa 1_8

First episode of an anime is very important. If it succeeds, people will continue watching the series. If it fails, the anime might have lost a potential viewer. Danganronpa: The Animation is one of the former for me. I came to this anime with certain expectations and hopes, which were all shattered withing the first few moments. Feeling confused and a bit uneasy, I continued watching and the epmtyness was replaced by new feelings.

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