Danganronpa (Episode 5) – Revelations

Danganronpa 5_7

Episode 5 of Danganronpa: The Animation revealed quite a bit of new information. Not only was the second culprit found this time, but some secrets were also shed light on.

Let’s start from the very beginning. The second class trial has begun. All 11 students stand in a circle, about to decide their own fate. The mystery remains, though – who killed Chihiro, and how did they do it? The heated debate takes several turns before reaching a conclusion.

Danganronpa 5_2

First thing that was revealed (by Togami Byakuya), was Fukawa Touko’s real identity. She is indeed the Genocider Syo from the last episode of Danganronpa. She has a different personality in the face of the famous criminal, and even carries scissors around with her. Despite all of this, she is not the one that killed Chihiro. The method of crucification was different, and the murder weapon didn’t resemble scissors.

Thus all suspicioun falls on Byakuya as the only person who knew about the crucification. I wonder why nobody thought about Naegi’s role, but nobody questioned his innocence this time. Instead, they forced Byakuya to admit that he was really the one that performed the crucification and left the message. His motive was different, though – he simply wanted to make the investigation more difficult and to test his fellow students’ detective skills.

Danganronpa 5_5

The real murderer just killed Chihiro with a dumbbell and carried him to the girl’s changing room, switching the carpets and posters in the process. And yes, the “he” was correct. As I suspected in the first episode (by the voice), Chihiro was a crossdresser. That’s also his secret that would have been revealed. When he learned of the danger, he decided to finally man up and start working out. To make things go more smoothly, he even asked somebody to help him with his training.

That’s right, Chihiro chose the manliest person for this task – Mondo Oowada (although Sakura looks way manlier, in my opinion). The latter broke down from envy because of seeing Chihiro’s determination to face his weaknesses, and killed the crossdresser. A flashback of his past revealed that he had caused his brother’s, who was a biker gang leader, death. Living with this knowledge was unbearable for Oowada, and this was the result. To gain access to the girl’s changing room he had used one of the deceased girls’ PDA, and only failed due to being outwitted during the debate and falling into a trap.

Danganronpa 5_13

Punishment was even harsher this time. Oowada was voted guilty by a 9-1 (or 10-1, if he could also vote) ratio. The one vote against him being the murderer came from his best friend Kiyotaka Ishimaru, who voted for himself. Next he was dragged away, just like Leon from episode 3, put on a motorcycle, and sent into a Circle of Death. The long riding generated elecricity and in a while all that was left of Oowada was a pack of butter. Monobear ate even that with his pancakes. He then had a teaparty with some hidden character, who he managed to sneak into the school as the 16th student. Who it is, remains unknown for now.

Overall it was a nice episode. The debate once again took a whole episode, and emotions were flying. I didn’t expect the biker guy to be the murderer, but I guess he was bound to kill somebody rather than being killed. I also look forward to learning who the last person to enter the game will be. With almost half of the anime aired, it will probably be revealed very soon – at the most unexpected moment.

Score: 7.5/10

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