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Planetarian (Visual Novel) – Review (Spoilers!)


My fifth completed visual novel was another one by Key. This time a rather short kinetic visual novel, Planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume (Planetarian: Dream of a Little Star).

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Winter 2015: Tokyo Ghoul √A

Tokyo_Ghoul 2 (5)

To start off the new anime season, I watched the anime I was most looking forward to – Tokyo Ghoul √A. It is a second season to the original Tokyo Ghoul that aired between July and September 2014.

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Fate/stay night (Visual Novel) – Review (Spoilers!)


Fate/stay night is one of the longest visual novels out there. I’m proud to have finished reading it. It was a long journey, but it has finally come to an end (at least for now). Instead of writing a separate review for each route, I decided to write one review for the whole game.

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