Danganronpa (Episode 2) – First victim

Danganronpa 2_2

It’s nice when a story does not take too long to develop. While not rushing anywhere, Danganronpa got straight to business in Episode 2. That’s right – the game has begun, and there has already been the first victim. It is now up to rest of the students to solve the crime and find the culprit, unless they want to be killed themselves.

A new rule that was introduced by Monobear in this episode stated that there will be a class trial after each murder. There, students will have a chance to name the murderer. If they get it right, only the murderer will be killed (by Monobear). If they get the person wrong, it’s the other way around – everybody except the killer will end up dead, and he/she will graduate.

Danganronpa 2_4

As it happens, the first person to die is Maizono, the girl who knew Naegi. That’s why they decided to swap rooms for one night when somebody tried getting into the girl’s room. Morning came, and Maizono did not appear for breakfast gathering. When Naegi went to look for her, a shocking scene opened before his eyes. The girl was lying on the floor in his bathroom, with a knife in her stomach and a broken wrist. Walls in the room had many cuts from a sword that was now also on the floor.

When everybody realized where Maizono died, it was obvious who they would blame. It was now up to Naegi to prove his innocence. On the other hand, Monobear showed who the real boss was in the school, and that students MUST follow his rules. When the model girl (Junko Enoshima) steps on the bear, she gets impaled by several spears and dies a few moments later. That in turn narrows down the possible culprits.

Danganronpa 2_6

The only person who seems to not jump to conclusions is the mysterious girl (Kyouko Kirigiri), who reminds me a lot of some detective. She investigates the murder scene and finds some clues. Meanwhile, Naegi finds Maizono’s video, which he decides to watch. As opposed to the family scene from his own CD, this one shows the band-mates of the school idol. They are all lying on the floor in front of a stage, possibly dead. Monobear promises to tell who did that to them, if Maizono graduates.

With that, Monobear grows tired of waiting and announces the first class trial. Everbody moves to some kind of elevator which leads them to the courtroom. The episode ends at the doors opening.

What bothered me a bit in this episode was the censorship (or was it?). I expected to see real blood in a 17+ rated anime, but instead got to see some purple liquid. This added even more to the non-serious atmosphere of the anime.

Danganronpa 2_12

All in all, I did enjoy this episode. It was actually even better than the first one, although I still don’t like some of the voices. The opening now has a song accompanying it, but it didn’t interest me enough to listen till the end. Also, since I have decided to increase the objectivity of my reviews, I have started rating episodes more harshly. Thus, although I am quite enjoying Danganronpa, I will keep the ratings lower than I would have normally done.

Rating: 7.5/10

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