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Shiki (TV) – Episode 4

ImageWith this episode, the story officially begins. Technically it began before – but episode 4 finally revealed the most important aspect of the anime and explained the main mystery, which wasn’t a really mystery for the viewer anymore.
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Shiki (TV) – Episode 3

ImageSome anime really excel at what they try to present – be it the story, the art, or the humour. In some cases, it is the creation of an unlikeable character. That’s one of the main things I remembered from episode 3 of Shiki.
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Shiki (TV) – Episode 2

ImageWhile the second episode wasn’t as good as I might have expected, it was still a nice way to spend some free time. The show steadily moves forward, achieving what it is aiming for – perhaps even confusing the viewer at first.
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Shiki (TV) – Episode 1


I once already tried watching Shiki, but didn’t get past the first minute or two. The atmosphere really did not seem to fit the genre. Now I understand how wrong I was. Shiki seems to be very promising in terms of the storyline, despite me already knowing the ending.

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