Danganronpa (Episode 4) – Genocider Syo

Danganronpa 4_8

Danger seems to have passed and the criminal caught. Everybody gets a chance to breathe in relief. Until Monobear reminds everybody where they are and what eventually awaits all of them.

For solving the first case, the demon-bear rewards his students. They are given access to the second floor, where a pool and a library are located. The library is full of books related to murder, and a collection of police investigation documents. Additionally, the students find a letter stating that Hope’s Peak Academy has been closed for a while now. That means Monobear is a self-proclaimed new ruler of the “abandoned” building.

Danganronpa 4_6

The pool itself does not play a major role in the fourth episode of Danganronpa. The changing rooms are a different story. Students can only enter the changing room of their own gender, using their electronic student handbooks. Sneaking in through an open door is also prohibited, and a gun would turn the trespasser into Swiss cheese. Realizing there is a loophole in the rules, Monobear quickly proceeds to add a new paragraph concerning the exchange of handbooks. It is not allowed.

All these rules however do not stop a new murder from taking place. After a few minor conflicts between the students the ringleader of the survival game gives more motivation to participate. Everybody gets a letter with their most embarrassing memory, and those memories would be revealed within 24 hours if no murder happened. Naegi thinks this is a ridiculous reason to kill another human being. As is often the case, reality is harsher.

Danganronpa 4_12

The second victim is Chihiro Fujisaki – the programmer girl. She managed to fix the laptop in the library prior to being hit in the head with a dumbbell in the girl’s changing room. Her body is discovered, and students once again start searching for clues. First of all, the posters in the two changing rooms have been switched. Secondly, the stained carpet in the girl’s changing room has been either cleaned or changed. Thirdly, the culprit left a signature on the wall.

This signature gives Byakuya Togami (the guy from a rich family) grounds for thinking that the murder is connected to one of the police records in the library. The case of Genocider Syo seems awfully similar to Chihiro’s murder. Her crucification even leads to the thought that the real Genocider Syo is among the students. Even among the police officers, only a few knew about the crucification. For somebody to know it, would be almost impossible.

Danganronpa 4_13

The one person acting strange is Touko Fukawa (the bookworm). This episode she expressed her feelings for Togami through her facial expressions, and it is obvious she is in love with him. She has a very low self-esteem and always thinks others hate her. At the very end, she tells Togami that she could not keep her promise, but will not let Genocider Syo run free anymore.

At the moment, Touko seems like the most likely murderer to me. Her mental state could be the reason for the existence of Genocider Syo, who was believed to have a dissociative identity disorder. Thus, the “letting run free” could be a reference to letting the other personality take over. If thaty is the case, however, I am a bit disappointed in the episode. If Touko really is the culprit, her guiltiness is given away too easily. On the other hand, I can’t understand the way Chihiro was killed, and how the posters were changed without entering another changing room.

Next episode will be another class trial, once again deciding the fate of the remaining 11 students. Judging by Togami’s actions this episode, he already knows who the murderer is, so he only needs to prove his point now. Will be looking forward to it – after all, episode 3 was my favourite one so far, with all the presentation of clues and the debating. On the other hand, episode 4 of Danganronpa was a bit of a let down.

Score: 7/10

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