Danganronpa (Episode 6) – Alter Ego

Danganronpa 6_3

So far, all killers in Danganronpa have killed only one person at once. However, that’s not the only way things could go – according to Monobear’s school rules up to two people can be murdered at once by the same culprit. In episode 6 of the anime, a student takes advantage of this rule.

Everything starts out normally. Students explore the third floor, which has become open ever since Oowada was caught. Part of the episode takes part in a different place, though – in the bath. There, Aoi Asahina found a laptop in a locker. The changing room being the only available room without camera surveilance, the remaining 10 students turn it into their “headquarters”.

Danganronpa 6_4

The laptop, as it turns out, belonged to Chihiro. The genius programmer managed to create a self-learning AI with his own voice. The AI is now in charge of analyzing school data and encrypted files – trying to find out some secrets which would help them escape. In addition to that task, the AI (which is called “Alter Ego”) shows a simulation of Oowada to Ishimaru. The depressed super-duper school prefect becomes fired up, his hair changes from black to white and his eyes start emitting flames.

On the other hand, there’s Hifumi Yamada, who falls in love with the Alter Ego. Up to the point where he sneaks out during the night (when everybody should stay in their rooms) to talk with the AI. He knows that the love is one-sided, but still wants to proceed. Others don’t approve of such behaviour, and suspecting that either Ishimaru or Hifumi would try to steal the laptop for themselves, tell Alter Ego to scream if one of the two students attempts to use the laptop without permission.

Danganronpa 6_7

Things don’t go so smoothly. Very soon, students find the laptop missing, and the only thing they know is that neither of the two could have taken it. This means that one of the other 8 people stole it without telling others. That’s when Byakuya proposes that one of the students is actually a traitor – somebody sent by Monobear to spy on others.

Then, without any premonitions, four people go missing: Hifumi, Ishimaru, Celestia and Hagakure. Other go searching for them. On the third floor, Asahina finds Celestia lying on the ground. She calls the rest of the searchers, and Celestia, who has now regained consciousness, tells them about being attacked by a “dodgy person”. She adds that Hifumi was kidnapped by the same person and dragged towards the second floor. A bit suspicious how she saw all that, while she was hit by a hammer beforehand.

Danganronpa 6_8

After some time, the students find Hifumi with a bloody head. He is a live though, and insists on going to the infirmary, where he wipes off the blood from his forehead. Either this is a flaw of the art-style of Danganronpa, or he wasn’t injured at all. Meanwhile, the search for the culprit begins. Without any results, Celestia gets attacked again and points towards the psychics lab where the culprit went.

Then comes Hifumi’s scream. As people get to the infirmary, they find the fat buy’s body on a bloody floor. Monobear confirms that a body has been found (this happens when 3 students find a body). However, the body that was found wasn’t Hifumi’s – it was Ishimaru’s, in a completely different place. He was attacked by the same weapon – a “Judgement hammer nr. 4”. The bodies then disappear only to be found in a different room, next to each other. Asahina’s tears wake Hifumni up (it appears he wasn’t dead yet), and he says that all the students knew each other before. This is proved even further by a photo that Alter Ego showed, where Oowada, Chihiro and Leon are happily together. Their memories seem to have been tampered with, and just before dying Hifumi says the name of the culprit: Yasuhiro.

Danganronpa 6_9

Knowing how this anime keeps developing, I honestly doubt that Yasuhiro is the murderer. Celestia seemed much more suspicious in this episode. She was the only one to have actually seen the killer, and she kept sending other students into different directions without them finding anyone. The lack of blood on her was also strange – she only had a bruise (?) on her cheek, which disappeared very soon. Perhaps it was just dirty. Furthermore, she kept pointing towards possible culprits, insisting that they were guilty of this. Giving away real killer just like that is very strange for Danganronpa, which usually tries to confuse the viewer into suspecting somebody else. Can’t blame Celestia though – as the super-duper gambler she would have a hard time refusing the 10 billion reward from winning the survival game.

Score: 7/10

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