Danganronpa (Episode 3) – Every crime results in a punishment

Danganronpa 3_1

One of the 13 students still alive is a murderer. Who is it? That is exactly what this episode of Danganronpa dealt with. Through thorough investigation and search for clues, the high schoolers form their opinions and attempt to identify the culprit.

Episode 3 of Danganronpa starts where the last one left off – students enter the courtroom and are greeted by the devilish bear. There are 16 places in total, forming a circle. When one of the students wonders why there is one extra, Monobear simply says that there is no particular reason. Definitely makes me suspicious, because I don’t believe Monobear would do anything meaningless. In place of the two dead students stand their crossed-out pictures.

Danganronpa 3_3

The debate starts out with almost everybody thinking the culprit is Naegi. It is up to him to prove his innocence, and he does very well with the help of Kirigiri. Together they present a set of arguments that set suspicion on everbody except Naegi. Sakura-“chan” and Aoi Asahina (the swimmer girl) are also cleared, due to none of them benefiting from covering up the other’s crime.

Thus, 10 potential killers of Maizono. It is reveled by Kirigiri that Maizono invited somebody to Naegi’s room (with her own nameplate, that she herself changed) to kill with a knife and then change the nameplates back. This way she would frame Naegi. However, she was hesitating and that cost her her life. The person she invited took the sword from its place in the room and hit Maizono in self-defense, breaking her wrist.

Danganronpa 3_6

The girl had to hide in the bathroom, and sensing the end, she wrote a number on the wall – 11037. This was her last attempt to redeem herself and save Naegi. The killer removed the faulty doorknob with a toolset, and killed the girl, proceeding to destroy the evidence in the incenerator.

When Naegi hears about all the clues, he understand what the number meant. It was the culprit’s name written upside down – Leon. Leon, the baseball player, now started panicking and denying all evidence by repeating the word “retarded”. When asked to show his tools, he stops with a loss for words.

Danganronpa 3_9

With the trial coming to an end, Monobear asks everybody to vote, and Leon is convicted. Loudly protesting and talking about self-defense does not help the buy, as he is dragged away with a chain. As punishment, he is tied to a pole and shot at by one million baseballs. Everybody else watches as this takes place, and Leon dies. Naegi blames Monobear for tempting people into killing each other.

I liked this episode more than the last two. Probably because they were building up the tension for this one. The detective-style debate was interesting to see, although some characters did not participate at all. The culprit remained unclear to me until the very end, so I guess the crime was executed well. I believe a mystery has to remain such until the rveelation, and being too obvious does not work in favour of such cases. The animation of the punishment (just like the opening sequence before every episode) was unique, and I liked it – it had a different feeling than the rest of the anime, with a darker atmosphere and deeper meaning.

I have caught up to the episode count now, so the blogs about Danganronpa will be coming out on a weekly basis. I would really love to see more of the anime right now, but I’ll have to be patient. This also gives me the chance to bring in the rest of the series I’m watching this season.

Score: 8/10

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