Spring 2015: Oregairu 2


First anime that aired this season, and the one I was actually most looking forward is Oregairu 2. Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku, if you want the full name, but I doubt anybody would call it that. Or My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU 2. I myself prefer just Yahari Ore.

So why was I looking forward to it that much? The first season wasn’t the best anime out there. The songs and art weren’t particularly memorable. But the characters! They were something I fell in love with.

First we have the main character – Hikigaya Hachiman (8man). He’s a loner who has life figured out. His inner monologues touch topics like pretentious people, misunderstandings, and human nature in general. He is a realist. And he doesn’t even try to fit into the society. He is who he is. However, even he opened up (a teeny tiny bit) during the first season. As the second season started, his nature hadn’t changed. He is still the same old Hachiman, if we disregard the questionable char design change and the drastic increase is homosexual thoughts. And already in the first episode I got what I was looking for – his words of wisdom. So yes, I’m already happy.

Moving on from the second best protagonist of the anime world (behind Lelouch), we have the other characters. Since I saw the first season right after it finished airing, which was back in Summer 2013, I don’t remember much about the side characters. So my feeling, that their personalities have progressed a bit too much between the seasons, slide for the time being. The main girls, however, seems the same as before. Yukinoshita Yukino seemed a bit too friendly and trusting towards Hachiman, but as somebody on the forums said, that’s “character development”. Not sure if it should have happened so suddenly, though. Yuigahama Yui didn’t change at all, and that is reassuring.

How about the first episode itself? It was quite good. No new characters yet, but they already went on a class trip. And there was a request to hook people up, which our volunteer club reluctantly accepted. Reluctantly, because the one who came to ask for the favour, Tobe Kakeru, didn’t want Hachiman to listen. Yukinon, contrary to what I remember of her character, stood up for Hachiman, and was going to refuse the request if Tobe didn’t let Hachiman in on it. For a part of the episode, Hachiman and Yui were doing various things to help Tobe and Ebina Hina fall in love with each other. At the end, we even got to see an embarrassed and blushing Yukinon, who apparently isn’t good with directions.

Was the new season worth the wait? Sure. I would have preferred the old studio with the colourful art and more distinct character designs, but I like the story too much to care about such things. I’ll soon get used to the new art style anyway. Opening and ending are good. Now, go watch it if you still haven’t (make sure to watch the first season too), in order to hear some wise words from Hachiman.

Score: 9/10

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