Rewrite VN – Akane route (spoilers!)


Finally, we get to Akane’s route. Even if I wasn’t following a specific route order, I would still have left her for the end. Not because I’m not interested in her – on the contrary I found her character to be the most likeable. There’s just something unique about her.

So far, I had learned about the work of a druid, the life of a Guardian member and the organization’s inner problems, and a bit about Gaia. However, for the most part Gaia remained a mystery.

There was very little character-specific content in common route when pursuing Akane’s route. A bit of investigating here and there, and occasional use of her influence and money. Even the route itself felt way shorter than I expected – despite being the 2nd longest route behind Chihaya’s, it probably felt as short as Shizuru’s, if not shorter. Now onto the story.

As soon as the events of 13th November happen, Kotarou once again finds himself alone. Everybody is gone, and he can’t get in contact with anybody. He decides to find Akane. After some investigating, he learns she used to be an orphan and got adopted by Kashima Sakura. She’s the “holy woman” of Gaia – the lead figure and leader of the organization.


Akane was chosen to be her servant – a misleading name, considering she is to become the next holy woman. Of course she is a summoner, albeit a very weak one compared to Kashima, who is probably the strongest summoner of Gaia. There’s also a small girl named Shimako, who is being taught by Akane as her fellow servant. I didn’t really understand this part. Why would Shimako be learning to be a holy woman if Akane is the one who will inherit the role, and their age difference is very small? Oh well. Shimako is also one of the strongest summoners in Gaia.

To protect Kotarou from Guardian, Akane hires him as her bodyguard (in name only). After proving his worth to another branch of Gaia, which is opposed to the religious part of the organization, Kotarou takes on the duty. Soon, Akane learns of Kotarou’s ability to see the Key. This becomes his mission from now on. Some time passes, and the boy finally manages to find the Key again, only to be attacked by Suzaki’s men (he’s the leader of the Gaia branch opposed to Akane) and Guardian. This is where the route becomes the best route so far. Kotarou finally becomes a badass! Four routes of being either a support or a pacifist, he’s now rewriting his powers left and right, killing lots of enemies in the process. Again, his ability to rewrite himself so much without much change in the “power gauge” looks like a plot-hole that could be explained in the true routes.

Unfortunately, Kotarou fails, and Key gets killed. When he and Akane get back to the headquarters, they learn of Kahsima Sakura’s death. Akane reluctantly takes up her new role, and a 1-year timeskip happens. Kotarou is still her bodyguard. Gaia’s (publicly knows as the Martel Group) branch that supports the holy woman is constantly under media’s pressure and scrutiny. Akane is being accused of brainwashing patients who were about to recover into thinking she healed them – a power that she really has after becoming the holy woman. That’s what Akane has been busy with for the past year, in addition to practicing singing with other Gaia’s disciples. We of course can already guess where this is going.


Very soon, Akane and all other disciples disappear. Nobody can find them, and Kotarou takes charge as the head bodyguard. Meanwhile, the Song of Destruction starts resonating all around the world, causing countless natural disasters and extreme growth of vegetation. Kotarou agrees with Suzaki to evacuate all people in Kazamatsuri into the other dimension that exists in the town (the one into which Kotarou stumbled a few times in the common route). The evacuation is difficult and many people die. Kotarou faces his strongest enemy so far in the form of Sazaki’s former secretary (Takasago) who was supposed to have been killed by Kotarou during the Key retrieval mission. He’s now crazy and using poison to enhance his powers. He destroys several shelter access points and kills the people around them. Of course Kotarou beats him after a long battle. Technically, Takasago dies of poison overdose, but Kotarou’s strength forced him to used it. We also see a new side of Yoshino, who’s now thinking of Kotarou as a hero. Everybody heads to the other dimension.

Filled with regrets, Kotarou wanders around the artificial town, until he sees a huge tree coming out of Gaia’s “fake” headquarters. Upon climbing it, he finds Akane with her disciples, and the unconscious Key that is singing along. He promises to pay her back by killing the Key for real and making Akane and the disciples live a life of regret and atonement for killing all humans (except the ones who escaped to the other dimension). He faces the strongest familiar, the Earth Dragon. To beat it, he overwrites his aurora thousands of times, simulating evolution, in order be able to cut the familiar’s skin. He succeeds but in exchange all his strengthened power is now focused on beating the Earth Dragon, and basically useless for anything else. All the disciples die as a result of controlling such a strong familiar, and only Akane remains. She cries on Kotarou’s shoulder, but finally agrees to confess her sins to the people.


Again a timeskip. Kotarou and Akane are living together. Akane still hasn’t confessed and her guilt is taking a big toll on the health. She is about to die. That’s when Kotarou decides to take her misdeeds upon himself, thus lessening the burden on the girl he loves. If Akane was the one to confess, she would surely have been executed, but Kotarou saved countless lives during the evacuation. Thus, their punishment is eternal banishment. The people who helped Kotarou orchestrate the transfer of responsibility are sympathetic, and help the pair with what they can. Even Shimako, who was the only disciple not involved, is sad and claims to be the one who caused the end of the world. What a cute girl. But Kotarou and Akane feel much happier now that they confessed their crimes against humanity – a bit burden falls from their hearts. Akane is full of life again, and they begins their new life in the farthest part of the shelter, away from civilization.

To sum the route up – it was epic. It was the best route so far. We finally got to see Kotarou’s real power and resolve. He wasn’t scared to rewrite himself, and although it was inconsistent with other routes, it was great to see. The romance wasn’t as cheesy as with Chihaya or Lucia, where they only just met but are ready to get married. The 1-year timeskip contributed to this. It actually took a bit too long for their first kiss to happen… Anyway, a big chunk of world-building is out of the way, as Gaia’s structure is explained. The holy woman’s role as the inheritor of both power and personality of the previous holy woman, thanks to being born with brain parts not working – an interesting but confusing concept. A small downside, in my opinion, was the lack of variety in the CGs, but I don’t consider that a very important aspect of a good VN. Now we can move on to the true routes, starting with Moon! The title screen has changed, and instead of the girls, there is only Kotarou, and he is resting against the tree. Thus it will most likely be a route concentrating on him.

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