Rewrite VN – Lucia route (spoilers!)


Keeping in mind that Akane’s route should be the last one, there wasn’t much choice for the fourth heroine. I wasn’t even looking forward to Lucia’s route that much. She just didn’t catch my interest in the common route. And yet, I can say it was a great route.

What does a new route mean in Rewrite? A change on genre, of course. We’ve seen shounen in Chihaya’s route, straight-up drama in Kotori’s route. I was expecting more of the same, with some slight differences. But I certainly wasn’t expecting this to jump right into horror.

Lucia’s common route was rather short, so I got to her character route on the same day as I began a new playthrough. It was already night, to be precise. Everything was happy and funny, when suddenly we start dealing with some scary rumours. Then those rumours turn into an actual horror story with curses, ghosts and death.

The one who begins the investigation as part of club activities is of course Kotarou. He gets a letter about “Asahi Haruka’s curse”. According to the story, there used to be an orphanage. One day, a girl named Asahi Haruka was sent there. Soon enough, people started dying and the orphanage closed down. Wanting to find out more, Kotarou starts investigating and finds out that Yoshino was part of the class that started the rumours. Apparently a boy transferred to their elementary school from the orphanage, and died almost right away. It was said to be Asahi Haruka’s curse. Unbeknownst to himself, Kotarou was getting himself into something very dangerous.


A few things happened, and Lucia was dragged into Kotarou’s investigation. Except now the boy had another goal. To disprove the curse’s existence. All for the sake of Lucia, who couldn’t take off her gloves due to childhood trauma. When she was small, some unfortunate coincidences made her a target of bullying. One day she touched some sunflowers and they wilted. When she was in charge of feeding the rabbit, it died the next age. Kids, as cruel as they are, immediately called her filthy. Now, many years later, she still can’t take off her gloves and directly touch anything, in fear of causing harm to it.

Kotarou decides that Asahi Haruka’s curse does not exist, and she was a target of bullying, just like Lucia. However, everything says otherwise. Mysterious “coincidences” happen all around him. Lightbulbs break, glass cracks, his phone breaks, and finally a warning appears on a sheet of paper he tried copying. Lucia, who agreed to help him, gets a personal visit from the cursed girl, who tells them not to wake her up. Determined to overcome her own trauma, Lucia refuses, and the duo continues their investigation. Until that evening. After calling all of Yoshino’s female classmates and getting no info, Lucia gets another visit. Asahi Haruka promises to make her remember the days of being bullied. As expected, Lucia doesn’t come to school next day.

Meanwhile, Kotarou contacts the person who last tried to investigate the curse, but got injured in the process. The injury was exaggerated by the rumours, but a sign still hit the man’s head, and his hand had a purple mark where Asahi Haruka’s ghost grabbed him. Still denying the curse, Kotarou goes outside, into the rain, only to be greeted by Asahi Haruka. She’s now possessing Lucia’s body. An argument follows and many street lights break. Kotarou gets a hand-shaped mark on his hand, but manages to challenge the Haruka and she lets go of Lucia. Since she had been standing in the rain for a while, Kotarou brings the unconscious girl to his house, where she wakes up after a while. Upon seeing Kotarou’s mark, Lucia breaks down and Kotarou finally admits defeat – acknowledges the curse.

And yet, he still wants to investigate. He finds the old orphanage and enters a church there. He calls out to Haruka but gets no answer. He already knows why. It was Lucia all along. Lucia Konohana is Asahi Haruka. She really causes all life to wither around her. In order to not remember her old self, she went around, using her power of vibration to break glass and electronics, in order to scare people and silence them. The orphanage itself is a big nuclear waste site now, after her “curse” (which is actually poison that her body produces due to experiments performed by Guardian) got out of control. All those toxins take a toll on Kotarou, but he’s not going to let Lucia be alone ever again – he uses his power to rewrite his whole body to be able to accept the poison. Thus he becomes immune to it. This strongly goes against what we are told in Kotori’s route. In order to rewrite some part of his body, Kotarou needs to have a clear goal and must know HOW to achieve the result. Now he just magically makes all his cells immune to a toxin he knows nothing about.


Many happy days follow. The two even go on a date, and Lucia shows her different side. She no longer acts like a violent tsundere and becomes the epitome of cuteness. This continues until Shizuru collapses. She, as the only person except Kotarou, who can be around Lucia without suffering the effects of her poison, wasn’t actually immune to it. Even Shizuru’s “Ultimate Drug Works” are only good for neutralising the poison, and that doesn’t happen with 100% precision. She was bound to break down at some point, and it was just a matter of time. Don’t worry, though – she doesn’t die. She still has enough strength to worry about Lucia, who was taken to another specialized hospital, where they discover that the suppressant that Lucia was taking has stopped working.

Several days pass, and nothing works. Lucia’s isolated hospital room becomes like a containment chamber. The scientists accidentally let the girl hear their panicked discussion in which they basically call her a monster. She breaks down and starts yelling about how they themselves turned her into that monster. That’s when a new character appears. Brenda McFarden – the scientist responsible for the Next Generation Humanity Project, which designed Lucia’s body for life 1000 years into the future, when the Earth itself would be releasing poison. Brenda was supposedly assassinated for her crimes against humanity (human experimentation on children, involving many deaths), but is now back to give Lucia a new goal in life. That’s all that Lucia needs to hear to go along with the plan.

News of Lucia’s kidnapping reaches Kotarou, and some time passes. Suddenly, the girl appears outside school without her gloves. She says that Brenda’s medicine can completely stop the poison, so she no longer needs the gloves. She has also regained her sense of smell and taste, which she had lost due to her previous suppressant. They go on another date, which ends in the middle of a sunflower field. There the end begins. Brenda’s plan was to wipe out the Key using Lucia’s power. For that reason, she and the higher-ups of Guardian didn’t hesitate to kill 200,000 people in Kazamatsuri, all through Lucia’s hands. Even Kotarou can’t handle her new poison, and loses consciousness.


He comes to in the park, with Chihaya helping him. He once again rewrites his body, and succeeds. He then calls for Nishikujou’s help in finding Lucia. Kotarou, Shizuru and Chihaya go together to bring Lucia to a nuclear shelter, because USA is about to nuke the shit out of Kazamatsuri to stop the spread of the poison. After almost slashing Shizuru in half and causing Chihaya to collapse from the toxins, Lucia tries to kill Kotarou too, when he doesn’t give up. He rewrites his body for the third time, and now her sword, which cut through Shizuru’s knives, can’t cut through his bones. He expresses his love for the second time and we get a happy end. That is, if we exclude the death of 200,000 tourists and residents of the city, including Kotori (if not from the poison, she must have died from the nuke) and maybe Akane (she might have left Kazamatsuri beforehand, though). Now Kotarou and Lucia travel all around the world, living in different nuclear shelters that Guardian had built in the 20th century.

How does Lucia’s route compare to the other three I’ve played so far? It might not have had the emotional impact of Kotori’s route or epicness of Shizuru’s route, but it probably had the strongest story. The pacing was right and everything was structured perfectly. It wasn’t dragged out, and ended when it should have. It was also interesting to learn more about the negative side of Guardian.

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