Rewrite VN – Shizuru route (spoilers!)


After Kotori and Chihaya, it is time for the shortest heroine route – Shizuru. Shortest, because Shizuru is the smallest of the girls, and because the route has the least lines.

This was actually one of the routes I was looking forward to. Partially because I somehow managed to misread the number of lines as ~14500 instead of ~7500. Because of that, I thought it would be the longest route and thus have the deepest story. As it turned out in the end, the story felt very short, but wasn’t bad at all.

First of all, during the common route we learn Shizuru’s background story. From other routes we already knew that she’s part of Guardian, but we didn’t know what Guardian actually is or how she found herself there. Now it all moves into place. A sad story.

Shizuru was a normal girl. Her family was poor and couldn’t afford much. They loved each other very much, though. They even wanted to buy a house. A dream that could never come true. That’s because of a fire that was presumably caused by Gaia. The fire caused Shizuru and her parents to get injured, and that’s when her powers awakened. She healed herself and her father, losing consciousness afterwards.

When Shizuru came to, her eye was of a different colour, and she had a power. A power to create any kind of chemical combinations in her body. For example this allowed her to heal people. Or make them forget. The latter was discovered by her after she was taken in by a facility aimed at teaching superhumans (X-Men?). When she got home one day, and heard her parents arguing, she ran in and screamed for them to stop. That was all that was needed to make them completely forget their own daughter. If normally Shizuru could make people remember the things they forgot – then this time the memories were irrecoverable. Thus, she had to forget about her happy life with her parents.


Now, many years later, she is a first-year student in Kazamatsuri Academy. She’s also part of the Occult club. She falls in love with Kotarou, and the feelings are mutual. That’s why when the group is attacked by the leaf dragon on their search for Inoue and Kotarou loses consciousness, he is carried home by Shizuru and her best friend Lucia.

When he wakes up next day, he accidentally breaks his phone while turning off the alarm. A price he pays for strengthening himself in the forest. This means he no longer has the phone numbers of any of his friends. Left without options, he decides to just talk to the club members at school. When he gets there, instead of seeing Kotori, Chihaya, Shizuru, Lucia or Akane, he sees a shocked Yoshino. The shock turns into anger, and questions. Now it turns out Kotarou had transferred school a month ago, and nobody could get in contact with him all this time. A month-worth of memories missing. It’s now time to investigate.

For some reason, Kotarou’s wallet has a big sum of money and a phone number that does not work. Since the number is written on a business card, he goes to the antiques shop to which the card belongs. There he finds Esaka, an old man who reveals himself to be a former member of Guardian. He understand that Kotarou is missing his memories, but doesn’t know why. He agrees to let Kotarou meet Shizuru, but it turns out she is in a Guardian’s hospital, unable to wake up.


Kotarou’s memories return, revealing that he lived with Shizuru this whole time. Enjoying his daily life of hiding from Gaia, he suddenly saw Kotori on a bus, driving toward the forest. Of course he makes the stupid mistake of following her, and that’s where it shit gets real. The rainbow-coloured river from before is caused by the powerspot, and the huge trees are familiars. While running away, the boy finds himself facing the Earth Dragon, a tyrannosaurus-like familiar. Things don’t go well, and Kotarou gets attacked the moment he tries to run. Next moment he can hear Shizuru’s crying voice, can barely talk, and can’t see anything. Shizuru’s powers are unable to heal him, and… Kotarou dies.

So how is he alive again? And why is Shizuru dying? It doesn’t take much to connect the dots. And yet, Shizuru wakes up a few moments later. Everything is back to normal. Except the subtle hints. Yes, not everything is normal, and the hints become more obvious during Gaia’s assault on Guardian facilities. Sakuya is one of the attackers, but after seeing Kotarou and Shizuru, Chihaya says she’s leaving the organization, and she leaves with Sakuya. However, the end has begun. The Key has begun singing the Song of Destruction. On their way to the forest, Kotarou finally realizes why Shizuru has been silent all this time. She has lost her hearing and can’t talk. She has just been reading by the lips. Also, she woke up only because a mysterious girl in Kotarou’s head turned him into Shizuru’s familiar.


When they reach Kagari, it’s too late. Even Nishikujou Touka’s attempt to kill her by using herself as a projectile failed. The song ends, and so does the world. Come on, I thought, how can it end just like that? It doesn’t. The actual “end of the world” takes a while. All humans are slowly being converted into white “stuff”. Guardian has a shelter, which Shizuru and Kotarou try to reach, but Kotarou already knows only one of them can survive – he already died before, after all, and is now just eating away Shizuru’s life force. He tells her he will survive, and as the girl runs off, Kotarou acts like a real badass, and challenges the purification of the world.

Now we are told the story through Shizuru’s diary. Many days pass, and even months. When they finally leave the shelter, she knows deep inside that there is no way Kotarou could survive the end of the world. The only doubt she has is due to his promise. As she walks into the light, she decides to sit under a tree. There, she feels calm and at peace. All she says is “Kotarou…?” and the route ends.

Wow, that ending. If I hadn’t read Chihaya’s route before this, I would be even more surprised. But why was I surprised even though I knew he would turn into a tree like Sakuya? That’s because of the final CG! The tree that Kotarou has become looks EXACTLY like the one in the title screen. So this basically means that all main characters are in it: Kotori, Chihaya, Lucia, Shizuru, Akane, Kagari and Kotarou as a tree! Also, the ending song was lovely. And of course I love bitter-sweet endings more than anything. Taking all that into account, I’m calling Shizuru’s route my favourite so far. It might not have had the emotional impact of Chibimoth’s death in Kotori’s route, but it had more of those emotional moments. For example when every character was shown disappearing, I felt like a piece of me was being torn away. No tears, but still… And the way Kotarou became an eternal tree-familiar… Yes, best route so far.

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