Rewrite VN – Chihaya route (spoilers!)


After finishing Kotori’s route, I immediately moved on to the next heroine. Her name is Chihaya Ohtori.

The route is officially called the Chihaya route. However, I would hesitate before calling it that. Sure, there is romance and it happens between Kotarou and Chihaya. On the other hand, romance isn’t even the main point of the route. If I had to name it, I would say it is Sakuya route or just Kotarou route. Or Bromance route.

As the names suggest, Chihaya’s route focuses a lot on Kotarou’s and Sakuya’s interactions. The two men that dislike each other from the moment they met actually have a lot in common and grow to accept each other, albeit deep inside.

As opposed to Kotori’s route, we now get a clear idea of the sides that different characters are on. Chihaya and Akane are part of Gaia, while Shizuru and Lucia are part of Guardian. Gaia are the summoners who control familiars, while Guardian is an organization of super-humans. We of course get involved with Gaia, because we are deeply in love with the clumsy girl.

Due to her clumsiness and silliness, Chihaya actually doesn’t participate in Gaia’s meetings and can barely be counted as part of the worldwide organization. Her only feat is her familiar. Yes, the girl with the least resolve to achieve Gaia’s goal controls the strongest familiar. And yes, that familiar, as we learn, is Sakuya. I’m not sure whether I would have known that Sakuya was a familiar before it was revealed. After all, I managed to find my way to the smallest spoilers, which managed to tell me who he the mysterious man is. I wasn’t surprised – just a few loose ends tied together.


Kotarou is now in danger, as he knows the truth. To protect him, Chihaya offers the boy to live in her mansion for a while. Her parents are long dead, and the only other “person” there is Sakuya, who despite being clearly against the prospect of another man living in the house, is not going to object anything his master says. And so their days together begin.

As time goes on, Sakuya starts teaching Kotarou some tricks to his power, through silly games and pranks. At first it seems to Kotarou that Sakuya is blatantly making fun of him, and the latter doesn’t deny it either. However, Sakuya himself used to be a superhuman with the power to rewrite. Now we learn what happens when Kotarou’s power gauge reaches its limit (makes a full circle). Just like Sakuya once did, he will rewrite his mind and fully turn into a familiar. His form is an eternal tree. That’s what Sakuya was for a very long time, from before the end of the last world. He overused his rewriting power and became a tree that could guard the love of his life. Yet she died, and he was left alone. Until the day when a little crying girl appeared before him. That’s when he decided to serve a new master – Chihaya. He formed a contract and gave her part of his power, which explains the strength.


Throughout the route, Kotarou and Sakuya go through many fights. They battle summoners who want to take over Gaia, battle Guardian and battle the cruel fate. The route isn’t sad for the most part. It is a typical shounen story of gaining power and getting stronger “because you want to protect the ones you love”. The end result? Sakuya meets his unavoidable end, Yoshino joins the club, and everybody else except Shizuru, Chihaya and Kotarou are missing. Nevertheless, the atmosphere is positive, and everything is well. It doesn’t even feel as a bitter-sweet ending.

The route created even more questions regarding the story. There’s also something that I might have missed, but looks confusing – why didn’t Kotarou disappear after the Key (Kagari) disappeared? Didn’t Kotori’s route say that if the Key disappeared, the power flowing in Kotarou would do the same, and his wounds would open up? Add to that the incredible strain on Kotori… Despite all that, Kotarou still has his power maxed out, all healthy. Hopefully it really is just the result of me missing or forgetting something and not a plot hole. The rest of the opened questions will most likely also find an answer by the end of the 7th route. Which means I haven’t seen even 1/3 of the game yet!

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