Spring 2014: Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou

Kawaisou 1_1

If you haven’t had enough of romance comedies yet, then Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou (The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior) is an anime for you. It’s better than average, but is still a rom-com.

OP: Happy song + beautiful animation sequence = good opening. Nothing bad I can say about it.

ED: The song is very good and catchy – one of the best I’ve heard this season. Each of the 3 main female characters got to sing a part. When one was singing, the animation showed the respective character.

Voice acting: More Hanazawa Kana, as the main female character. Male protagonist is voiced by a voice actor with only 1 main role before (and even that was in an unknown anime), but he did a very good job in my opinion. Overall, everybody fit their characters.

Visuals: When I picked to watch this show, for a while I thought it would be shoujo, based on character designs. But no, it’s a actually not. The visuals change between unique and standard for today’s anime. I actually preferred the standard one here. The animation didn’t look very smooth either, especially in detailed scenes.

Kawaisou 1_3

Characters: I wanted to say that the set of characters is unique, but in reality, it’s very similar to that of Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo. The main character’s name is Kazunari Usa. He moved out of his family home in order to live a peaceful life during his high-school years. He fell in love with Ritsu Kawai on first sight, and she is all he can think of now. He’s a helpful and kind-hearted guy. Ritsu is his ideal woman – she is “intellectual”, as Usa keeps saying. She is always reading books, and even though she ignores Usa at first, when more creepy characters appear, she opens up a bit. Two of those creepy characters are Mayumi Nishikono and Shirosaki. Mayumi is an adult woman who just got dumped and loves getting drunk. She is desperate about finding a man of her dreams. Shirosaki is even worse – he is Usa’s roommate who is a big masochist and lolicon. All he talks about is how good it would be violated by Usa or the women of the Kawai house. Finally there’s the owner of the house – Sumiko Kawai – an old lady who acts like she’s much younger. So Kazunari Usa is probably the most normal person here.

Kawaisou 1_2

Story: Kazunari Usa had a terrible school-life before getting into high-school. It’s not said, what happened, but according to the hints he didn’t get a single day of peace. That’s why he moved out of his home, to live in the Kawai house. He is immediately creeped out by his roommate, and as he is planning to leave, he meets another resident – Ritsu Kawai, the granddaughter of the owner’s brother. Usa had actually met her before, when he fell in love with her in the school library. She does not show interest in him, and warns him to not cross the line between female and male parts of the house. Usa takes the advice, but soon accidentally walks over it. He is then beaten up with a shinai. Several misunderstandings later, Usa is walking outside, just to see a drunk woman almost jump into the water. He stops her, and receives some insults in return. Funny insults. However, the woman (Mayumi Nishikono) is also a resident of Kawai house, and just got dumped by her boyfriend. She tries flirting with Usa, just to be stopped by Ritsu. They end up crashing into Usa together, by accident. That moment and a few previous ones hint on Ritsu’s real feelings – she might have taking a liking in Usa. The normal rom-com story.

Kawaisou 1_4

Conclusion: There are many romantic comedies, but this one is better than many. It’s hard to pinpoint how, but I guess it looked more mature to me. The characters are funny and refreshing, and there are no “oops, I fell on you and now my hand is on your boobs” moments so far. Nevertheless, I’m probably going to put this on hold for now, at least until it is close to ending – there’s way too much to keep my eyes on already, and this certainly isn’t my favourite anime or genre.

Score: 7/10

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