Spring 2014: Isshuukan Friends

Isshuukan Friends 1_1

I’ve been putting away Isshuukan Friens (One Week Friends) for two weeks now, just to have at least one more anime to look forward to watching. The art of the cover image gave me the feeling that I would love it.

OP: A very calming animation and song. Maybe a bit livelier than I had expected, but still very good. Main female character walks around in a light one-piece, giving it the warm and light feeling.

ED: Just like with the opening, the whole theme is peaceful and warm. This time, however, more interactions between the characters are shown – mainly Kaori and Yuuki.

Voice acting: Just like I had expected and hoped. Kaori has a dreamy voice, while Yuuki does not sound out-of-character for a normal high-school boy. His flustered voice was great at conveying the emotions of the character.

Visuals: As I mentioned, I chose this anime based on the cover image. It had a unique art style (for me, at least), and I immediately felt that it will be a peaceful anime. Just what I was hoping for this season. Although the visuals weren’t exactly like I had imagined, they are still not too typical for modern anime. With the yellow colouring and bloom, I would describe the anime as “soft” and pleasant to the eye.

Isshuukan Friends 1_3

Characters: For now, the viewers were shown the two main characters (Kaori Fujimiya and Yuuki Hase) and one side-character (Shougo Kiryuu). Kaori is a girl who is always alone, and doesn’t really talk to anybody. She’s not avoided – more like she herself does not want to interact with others. Reason? Every monday, all her happy memories of interacting with people during the past week disappear, except the memories with her family. That’s why she has distanced herself from others and does not want to make friends. On the surface, she appears cold and unfriendly, but is actually the complete opposite. She gets excited quite easily, and enjoys spending time with others (for now just with Yuuki). Yuuki is a boy who has taken interest in Kaori. I don’t know if he likes her romantically, or he really just wants to be friends, as he says, but he is determined to become friends with her for now. He is rather lively and is keen to pursue his goals.

Story: Yuuki has admired Kaori for a while now. Up to this moment, though, he has not had the courage to talk to her. When he finally does it, he gets shot down immediately. Kaori refuses to be friends with him. He doesn’t want to give up, and when he hears she went to the roof, he follows her. There, Kaori has lunch every day, alone. Before the anime, that is. From now on, Yuuki accompanies her during every lunch break, and tries his best to become friends with the girl, saying that they don’t have to actually be friends to have lunch together. Gradually, Kaori opens up, and even starts smiling and blushing. But on Friday, she spaces out a lot, and finally tells Yuuki to forget everything they did that week. To the question “Why?”, she tells the story of her happy memories disappearing every week. Later, she is shown in her room, saying “We aren’t friends…”, but she is clearly sad. She probably really wants to not forget. On Monday, Yuuki walks up to her in class and wants to start up a conersation, only to be greeted by a cold gaze of a girl who has forgotten everything. Despite that, our protagonist decides to offer his friendship as often as he must, and so the story continues.

Isshuukan Friends 1_2

Conclusion: I absolutely loved this anime. It does not have action, explosions, blood, ecchi, harems etc. Not even romance, for now at least. That’s what I like about it. A very normal setting for a slice of life anime. It’s not the best of the season for me, because it did not create the shivers that I love, but Isshuukan Friends is certainly up there with its atmosphere.

Score: 8/10

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