Spring 2014: No Game No Life

No Game No Life 1_2

No Game No Life – definitely my most-anticipated anime of the season. Actually, of the year. I had been waiting for it ever since it was announced last summer. And guess what? I wasn’t disappointed!

ED: Great animation, good song. I think there was plenty of story previewed, not to mention foreshadowing.

Voice acting: Nice hearing Ai Kayano as Shiro (little sister) – reminded me of Mashiro (Sakurasou) and Inori (Guilty Crown), but here her voice fit perfectly. So dreamy and cute! Sora’s (big brother) voice sounded really cool and badass, so I can’t say anything bad about the choice of voice actors. Maybe only Tet could have been better off with a better voice. I’m not too fond of Rie Kugimiya these days. Especially for a young boy.

Visuals: Now this is where I have my doubts. Sure, the colourful art is unique, but it made the anime itself rather difficult to see. Maybe I’ll get used to it. Other than that, there is plenty of fanservice, and the animation is smooth. Lots of detail in the backgrounds – much more than in the characters themselves.

No Game No Life 1_3

Characters: There are two main characters: Sora and Shiro. They are both shut-ins who play games the whole day, barely eating or sleeping. Neither of them goes to work/school, despite Sora being 18 and Shiro 11. But that doesn’t make them stupid. They’re geniuses who wins absolutely every game, and can’t be rivaled by professional AI or human opponents. Their life is quite miserable, though. Sora is very caring of his little sister, and is ready to protect her at any moment. Shiro also loves her brother (not romantically, I hope). Together they make the invincible “Blank” team of 4 players. Yeah, both of them play as 2 characters. Their true passion and ability comes out when they’re thrown into a new fantasy world, where games decide everything. Then there’s Tet, a playful, cheerful god of the world. Not much is known about him so far, except that he became god by being the only deity to not participate in bloody wars of the past.

Story: The two NEET siblings play games every day and night. One day, they receive a message from an anonymous sender, asking them if they were born to the wrong world. After beating the sender in chess, the siblings decide that they would have been better off in a world where games decide everything. At that moment they are pulled into a new dimension, a fantasy world, where one can’t commit crimes and has to instead bet equal bets on a game. Anything can be a bet, as long as the other party offers an equivalent bet. Oh, and cheating is not allowed – it results in immediate loss. That is, if you get caught. As seen from the first episode, pretty much everybody cheats to some extent. Same goes for the siblings who win some money for living by cheating in poker. Meanwhile, the new ruler of the kingdom is being decided through a game between the grand-daughter of the former king and a girl claiming to be the best gambler of the kingdom. Well, the siblings decide it doesn’t concern them much, so all Sora tells the grand-daughter of the king is that her opponent is cheating. That however doesn’t change much, as after the ending sequence, she knocks on the door with barely any clothes on.

No Game No Life 1_5

Conclusion: Overall, the story is very much like Mondaiji-tachi. Just better. A lot. It seems to have more potential and there is a clear goal to move towards. I hope this anime won’t disappoint me. Seriously, so far it has not only lived up to my expectations, but even exceeded them and grabbed a strong 1st place in my list of top animes for this season. Maybe it is too early to say that, but I just love it. Even those colours, which bothered me a bit have their own charm. If you have yet to decide, whether to give No Game No Life a go, I would definitely say you should.

Score: 9.5/10

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