Spring 2014: Gokukoku no Brynhildr

Brynhildr 1_3

Gokukoku no Brynhildr – another anime I really looked forward to. Everything looked promising. Having watched the introductory episode, I can say it was not a major letdown, but there is still a “but”.

OP: What made the opening of Gokukoku no Brynhildr (Brynhildr in the Darkness) a bit special, was the lack of a song. Sure, there was music, but no words. Even the music itself was slightly disturbing (not in a bad way – I actually liked it). Considering the animation sequence that was shown ghost girls covered in blood suddenly turning into normal school girls – it was a great choice of audio.

ED: A nice peaceful song to finish the episode. Maybe even too cheerful for what this anime tried to show. All main characters were shown to look towards the starry sky. Beautiful, in my opinion.

Voice acting: From what was shown (heard) so far, the cast is chosen well. The voices fit, and there’s no unintentional awkwardness. Neko (the transfer girl) sounds quite cute.

Visuals: The level of detail and colour in the surroundings is great. The character designs aren’t that bad either. Most girls don’t look moe, but the main female character sure got her part of it. Main male character doesn’t look too bland either.

Brynhildr 1_2

Characters: For now we were shown only two main characters (from the opening I assume there will be more girls coming): Ryouta Murakami and Neko Kuroha. Ryouta isn’t the typical high-school boy who is enjoying his peaceful high-school life. He’s actually bearing the burden of having caused the death of a female childhood friend long ago. He only knew her by the name Kuroneko. Now, Ryouta spend his days in an observatory, to study astronomy and go to NASA in the future. His goal in life is to prove the existence of aliens. Then, Neko transfers into his class.

She’s a mysterious girl, who looks EXACTLY like a grown-up version of Kuroneko. She looks normal, but is actually a “witch” as she said. Her “magic” comes from a device implanted into her neck and from drugs. With both of those she can crush boulders, make holes in the ground from a distance (with her mind-power, I guess) and some other super-natural stuff. That’s where her abilities end – she can’t swim, can’t do basic math, and hasn’t really done any sports in the past. Oh, and she sure blushes easily!

Story: So as I mentioned, many years ago, Ryouta caused the death of his childhood friend, Kuroneko. They were on their way to an alien’s hideout, so Kuroneko could prove their existence to Ryouta. Apparently, the way there lied through a dam… The two kids decided to walk along the pipes on the dam, but the wind blew and Ryouta slipped. He started falling, so when Kuroneko stretched her arm towards him, he grabbed. Well, that made them both fall. From the height of at least 30 meters. Somehow, Ryouta survived, but the girl died. Now he blames himself for grabbing her hand and wants to prove the existence of aliens in memory of his childhood friend.

When a new transfer student comes to their class, he immediately notices her similarity to Kuroneko, but the new girl denies it. When he asks in front of the class to see her armpits (he’s not a pervert – Kuroneko just had 3 moles on her armpit), she slaps him. Later a girl almost drowns from being pulled into a pool pump, but is miraculously saved when the ground collapses. Neko also warns Ryouta, that he will die that evening if he goes home. Our main character, despite being 3rd smarted high-schooler in the country, isn’t too bright and decides to see if the girl is right. His ability to survive disasters kicks in again, and he barely gets any scratches from getting smashed by an avalanche into roadside railing. He can’t move, though, because of the weight, so when a huge boulder falls towards him, he’s shocked. Then, Neko saves him with her “magical” powers, but all he can look at is her armpit without moles.

Brynhildr 1_1

Conclusion: There’s plenty of fanservice in this anime, but it didn’t disturb me too much. Perhaps it wasn’t shoved right in my face. On the other hand I easily noticed a cliché like jumping up when a girl transfers into your class. Really, that happens in every single anime. Even if you’re shocked, can’t you just wait a bit? Anyway, despite the praise in this article, I didn’t find the anime especially good. Don’t know why. Everything seems to have been decent, but the overall feeling was lacking. The story has a chance to develop well, but for now it is like Another mixed with some action anime. Plus the astronomy theme, which I’ve noticed is quite popular in anime. I’ll watch some more of Brynhildr though, to see how it goes.

Score: 7/10

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