Spring 2014: Black Bullet

Black Bullet 1_1

Black Bullet – bad or good, it could have turned out both ways. I’m not particularly fond of animes, where characters fight overgrown insects or other creatures, so I hesitated watching this. The preview was enough to make me give it a go.

OP: The song was like a mix between Shingeki openings and something like Accel Wolrd OP1. It was great. Really great. The visuals weren’t that special here, but they showed plenty of visuals from the first episode. I’m actually wondering, why it was all basically from this episode…

ED: This time, no ending animation was shown. Instead, the song started playing during the end of the episode itself. It is sung by Nagi Yanagi, whose songs I generally like, so no wonder I also liked this one. It couldn’t be heard too well over the main character’s voice, but from what I heard, it’s good.

Voice acting: Main character is voiced by Yuki Kaji, who’s probably my favourite male seiyuu. Couldn’t help but remember Eren from Shingeki throughout the whole episode, not to mention Shu (from Guilty Crown) and Haruyuki (from Accel World). The loli partner of main character is voiced by Rina Hidaka, who mainly voices lolis in other series. She also had a role in Accel World. Not too familiar with the voice, though, but it wasn’t bad or unfitting. The boss of our main character is voiced by Yui Horie, who has a huge list of appearances, but mainly reminded me of Golden Time (the most recent one I’ve seen with her). A nice addition to the cast.

Visuals: The visuals looked great! In some ways they were similar to Guilty Crown (the landscapes at least). The animation looked smooth too. Really, the only thing I didn’t like about the art were the monsters. They just didn’t fit the setting very well. Oh, and I’m happy there wasn’t any censorship, because that would have ruined the gore in this anime. There will probably be lots of it.

Black Bullet 1_2

Characters: Main character is Rentarou Satomi, whose parents died at least 10 years ago, in the first outbreak of the parasitic virus Gastrea. Now he works as a civil officer, a person who kills monsters born from the virus. His partner is an 10-year-old loli, Enju Aihara, who possesses superhuman strength, regeneration and athletic ability. That’s because her mother got infected during pregnancy. Now Enju is what people call a “Cursed Child”. She’s completely in love with the main character, who in turn is in love with his boss, Kisara Tendo. Luckily he’s not a lolicon, or so it seems for now. The loli isn’t too annoying either, so that’s okay. The last important character that made an appearance is some masked man, who also possesses superhuman fighting abilities. His head making a 180 degree turn didn’t do anything to him, so I assume he has Gastrea. His goal is to destroy the world.

Story: So how did it all start? 10 years prior to the anime, a parasitic virus broke out. It is called Gastrea. It mutates people’s DNA at a really quick rate, turning them into huge aggressive insects-like creatures. The parasite can be transferred through bodily fluids or from a pregnant mother to her child (who will be born a girl). Now, 10 years have passed, and humans have build massive constructions out of a metal Varanium. The insects hate that metal, and it is the only thing that can stop them from regenerating, so it is used in the guns of civil officers. Rentarou is part of a newly formed small agency, and is given a job to kill a Gastrea (the creature). Upon entering the apartment filled with flood, he only finds a masked man, who claims to have killed the people. The man easily blocks Rentarou’s attacks and jumps from the 4th floor, right after saying he will destroy the world. Rentarou then goes on to kill one of the escaped Gastrea together with Enju (she did the majority of the job), and says nothing about the mysterious man to his boss (don’t know why). He also has a brief chat with a cynical doctor in the lab (surprise, surprise, she has no big boobs!) while enjoying a purple bubbly meal… The episode finishes off with Rentarou ignoring Enju’s flirting, and driving her to school on his bicycle.

Black Bullet 1_3

Conclusion: I think I found something that I like this season. Sure, it’s not the best anime ever, but it is interesting, has great visuals and the OSTs are great. I’m not sure if the fiancĂ©e (according to Enju) relationship between Rentarou and Enju is necessary but we’ll see. At least it shows that they are humans, and not machines fighting for justice. I will definitely continue watching this, as it is for now at the top of my priority list.

Score: 8.5/10

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