Winter 2013/14 First Impressions: Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta, Chuunibyou S2, Wizard Barristers, Onee-chan ga Kita, No-Rin


Continuing with the Winter 2013/2014 first impressions, here’s some info and thoughts about: Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta, Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren, Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil, Onee-chan ga Kita and No-Rin.

Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta

Pilot's Song 1_1

Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta (The Pilot’s Love Song) seemed like an interesting anime to me. What caught my eye was the cover picture – featuring a plane, a pilot and a few other young people. A story about being a pilot is something I don’t remember seeing in anime, so I would say it’s original.

Kal-el is a 15-year-old boy, who leaves for an adventure to find the End of the Sky. He is accompanied by a girl name Ariel, who is his sister. Of course, besides them, there are tens/hundreds of other teenagers, who all want to become professional pilots. They all participate in a ceremony, in which they land on a flying island. This island will now become their home during the journey.

There is a clear division into classes, as rich students live in a separate place from the others. One of such rich students is Clair Cruz, who Kal-el encounters on his walk outside. He fixes her bike, and decides to accompany her home due to it getting dark. They have some fun together and even end up hugging after falling into water and having a water fight. Obvious hints about romance between the two.

Kal-el encounters another character – a silver-haired guy, who doesn’t even try to hide his negative feelings toward the protagonist. First he ignores his encouraging words, and later stands outside staring at Kal-el with a hateful look. However, I don’t think their relationship will be that bad – perhaps they just need to clear some misunderstanding or something.

All in all, I found the characters interesting. The relationship between siblings is funny, and Claire seems like an interesting character too. The artistic style is just like I wanted it to be – sunny and colourful. Although I didn’t like the opening song, the animation accompanying it was great.

Score: 7.5/10

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren

Chuunibyou2 1_1

Chuunibyou was one the series that I previously wrote a review for. I enjoyed the first season, and found it really funny and positive. The combination of fantasy genre and the slice of life was done well, plus they added some serious issues too.

Now, it’s time for the second season. I really didn’t know what to expect from this. I did not think there was much to add to the story, but I guess that can always be done. As it could be seen from the first episode of the new season, Rikka is now living with Yuuta. They are still a couple. It’s not a romantic way of living together, though – Rikka just lost her apartment and had nowhere to go. As her sister was moving to Italy, and Yuuta’s family went overseas because of his father’s work, they two ended up under one roof.

They try their hardest to hide that fact. Yet, it still comes out. After a fight of imagination between members of the Far East Magic Society Club and Rikka’s sister, they all gather in Yuuta’s apartment to discuss how to solve the problem. Only after Yuuta’s sister returns because of new school term starting, Rikka’s sister gives in and agrees that it would be better for her sister to not stay alone.

For some strange reason, all members of the club are now pretty much okay with their chuunibyou syndrome – including Nibutani, who even dyed her hair to get rid of her embarrassing past. They all participate in the fight against Rikka’s sister after all.

I did feel like something was lacking that was there during first season. Perhaps this will change with the introduction of the new character (next episode, perhaps?). The series is just as light-hearted, but the plot seems lighter too (not in a good way, in my opinion). Visuals, on the other hand, were lovely, especially in the opening.

Score: 7.5/10

Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil

Wizard Barristers 1_1

This was another anime that I was looking forward to this season. I discovered it relatively late, but it immediately captivated me. It was probably the artistic style – such a fresh feeling! The preview trailer almost screamed for this to be something unconventional, additionally to having very fluid animation.
So, the main character of the series – Cecil Sudo is a 17-year-old girl. She is clumsy and her dress is far from suitable for what job she has just started. She has become a wizard barrister (pretty much a lawyer, if there’s anybody else except me who did not know what that word means). It is her first day at work, and she already managed to sleep in. On her way to work, she encounters a huge flying monster, which is actually a magical transportation method of a gang of bank robbers. They do their job, but as one of the robbers gets killed, others escape. The killer, another magician, gets arrested.

Cecil drivers her scooter right to the bank, and takes the case (protecting the arrested magician) without consulting her new boss. As expected, when she finally arrives, she is greeted by an angry lecture about her being late and about the case. In the end, after convincing from her the other workers, Cecil is allowed to try her luck with the case. After some investigation, it is revealed that the man, Kohinata Souta, was a former worker of the bank, and he had been bullied while working there. Only one woman was kind to him. He kept returning to see her every day, even after quitting the job. When one day the bank robbers arrived, they were about to hurt the woman, so Kohinata had to kill one of the robbers – thus making it self-defense.

Case solved, Cecil is confident in being able to protect the suspect. She is happily talking outside with her current supervisor (and coworker), when suddenly, two magicians come and try to rob them. Cecil casts a spell, which gathers all metal from the area and turns it into a robot (diaboloid) . The criminals are scared away, but when they’re shown again a few moments later, there is another man observing everything. Cecil is apprehended for using magic.

Seems like everything was set up, so Cecil could not protect the suspect in court – the observing man being the opponent. Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. I got exactly what was promised in the preview, if not more, and that rarely happens. The visuals are great, and the setting is just like I imagined it to be. Like a new look for the mahou shoujo genre. The voices weren’t that great in my opinion, but I guess I’ll get used to it. Will definitely keep an eye out for this anime!

Score: 9/10

Onee-chan ga Kita

Onee-chan ga Kita 1_1

When I added Onee-chan ga Kita to my “Plan to watch” list, I had no idea about its length. I could have sworn it just a normal anime. Instead, it turned out to be just 3 minutes long (out of which 2.5 minutes was the episode itself).

Tomoya Mizuhara is the protagonist of the story. He was living a normal life for a 13-year-old boy, until his father decided to remarry. Thus, he suddenly got himself a cute older sister – Ichika. She won’t accept being just “one-chan”, though. Ichika straightforwardly tells her new step-brother that she loves him. Throughout the episode, she makes several attempts to stay in his room, all of which end up failing.

I’m once again not sure how to react to such a short anime. On one hand I found the art-style cute and suiting for this specific anime. The episode itself was slightly amusing too. On the other hand, it won’t have any real story, and will probably just consist of Ichika trying to get together with Tomoya. I’m not setting any high hopes for this, so spending only 3 minutes on this is good enough to continue watching – the loss won’t be big, and it might as well turn out to be entertaining.

Score: 6.5/10


No-Rin 1_1

No-Rin (or Nourin) was one of the more average series on my list. I didn’t have any specific expectations for it, and added it just because the cover image seemed good enough. That’s exactly why it’s so nice that it turned out better than expected. Like really, either my standards suddenly fell really low, or the season actually has a lot of potential. Especially in the light-hearted slice-of-life department.

According to the story, there is a very popular idol in Tokyo – Yuka Kusakabe. She sings some good songs (I found the music in No-Rin quite good) and has lots of fans. One of those fans is Kousaku Hata, a student of an agricultural school out of town. He is so passionate about his idol that he even sent her the vegetables that he raised. He has posters and body pillows of her. His friends certainly don’t approve of such obsession.

One day, Yuka announces her retirement. We can all guess what Kousaku’s reaction to that was. He got depressed and refused to even go to the class – apparently he no longer had any reason to study, because he wouldn’t need to go to Tokyo. Same day, a transfer student arrives – and surprise, surprise, it’s the famous teen idol Yuka. Except her name is actually Ringo Kinoshita, and she seems much quieter than her stage character is.

The story isn’t that original. Almost every high-school romance anime starts with a girl transferring into the protagonist’s class, and the agricultural theme was used in Gin no Saji (which I will most likely watch soon, since I liked it here). However, it brings such a summer vibe, that I just can’t resist it. The characters are funny, even exaggerated. The dialogues are well-built. What else could I want here? So, I must say the introductory episode did a good job with getting me hooked to this anime too.

Score: 8.5/10

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  1. I must say that the animation in Chuunibyou is top-notch again. I wonder how the story will develop.

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