Unbreakable Machine-Doll (TV) – Review


It was almost a pure chance that I watched the first episode of Unbreakable Machine-Doll (Kikou Shoujo wa Kizutsukunai) this season. It was in the second half of my 16-anime to-watch list. It was also one of the few series I decided to follow – I was hooked right from the first episode.

I’m not even sure what got me so interested in this anime. The story is average at best. A high-school aged guy from Japan transfers into an European academy for puppeteers. After the initial evaluation, he gets ranked 2nd. From the end. Yet, he continues pursuing his goal of getting revenge on his older brother who killed their entire clan. Despite having such a bad rank, he claims to have the strongest puppet/automaton in the entire world – Yaya.


As expected, the protagonist – Raishin Akabane – isn’t how he appears. He is actually one of the strongest people at the academy and his puppet’s strength wasn’t a bluff either. Together they fight several battles throughout the 12-episode anime, meanwhile showing Raishin’s noble, caring, polite personality. To add to that, he gets hospitalized after every fight, and manages to befriend almost every opponent he faced. Typical shounen protagonist.

And yet, those first few episodes totally captivated me. The way everything was presented, starting from the characters and finishing with the setting – I just fell in love with this anime. The fight scenes weren’t that bad either, and the character design was exactly what I wanted. But. Even those things can’t keep an anime on top if it’s becoming dull. The fights became repetitive, the plot had unanswered parts, and main character didn’t go through any development. Basically, Yaya was the one that almost single-handedly supported the series.


How could anyone hate a funny and extremely cute girl who has enough power to stop a train? That’s how Yaya was. “Yaya kawaii yo.” That’s one of the things I still remember from the anime after finishing it. Another character who was quite likeable to me was Charlotte Belew (Blue?). Despite the tsundere attitude which I’ve long since stopped liking, she was relatively normal. Plus, she wasn’t violent.

Another thing I loved about Unbreakable Machine-Doll was the ending song. It was so catchy! Especially the “maware” part. It even inspired me to add a favourite theme song section to my MyAnimeList profile. Listening to it several for several times goes without saying.

The opening on the other hand, made me skip to the start of the episode itself. Not because it was that bad. No, it wasn’t. It was just too normal. There was nothing special in the song, and I won’t be surprised if I won’t even remember where I’ve heard the song in a few weeks.


Usually, I would not be too critical towards anime like Unbreakable Machine-Doll. It was nice to watch once a week, and I’ll admit Iw as looking forward to it. Yes, it started disappointing me as it neared the end, and it had an open ending. But that might not be that important. Most of the characters were nice, and at least the premise was interesting. Visuals (character design) were great. Everything else was quite moderate, though, so I can’t rate it that high these days.

Score: 7.5/10

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