Fall 2013 First Impressions – Part 1: Log Horizon, Outbreak Company, Golden Time

Part1 cover

What does the fall/autumn season bring us this year? Instead of doing a separate entry for each anime, I decided to add more than one into each blog post. Read on to know what I thought about the first episodes of Log Horizon, Outbreak Company and Golden Time!

Log Horizon


When I saw the synopsis of Log Horizon a few weeks before the start of the season, I couldn’t help but think it was a SAO rip-off. Everything seemed just too similar. Now, having watched the first episode, I understand how misleading an introduction can be.

The only similarity between Log Horizon and Sword Art: Online that I could see was the fact that players got stuck in the game. Nothing else. Unlike SAO, Log Horizon is not a death-game. All main characters had been playing it for a while before the start of the series and had thus achieved the maximum level. One day, all of a sudden they woke up in a mysterious world – Elder Tale.

Main characters Shiroe, Naotsugu and Akatsuki team up to explore the new ’real world’ and learn about its mysteries, meeting several of their old gamer acquaintances; story is spiced up by the slight comedic element.

Overall, I can’t really say I thoroughly enjoyed the series. The art style didn’t appeal to me very much, and the main character was nothing special either. The opening was okay (animated sequence was better than the song). The ending was better – maybe because I found Akatsuki’s character quite interesting. I guess it’s too early to comment on the story – it has a solid base, but nothing is known for now, so I won’t jump to any conclusion. In general, though, I found the anime a bit dull.

Score: 6.5/10

Outbreak Company


Shinichi Kanou is a true otaku. He’s also a NEET. Finally deciding to find a job, he completes an online 200-question test about anime and manga. After getting everything correct he is invited to a job interview with the Outbreak Company. Next moment after drinking his coffee, Shinichi wakes up in a different world, surrounded by dragons, knights, medieval buildings and even a personal maid – in the Holy Eldant Empire. Apparently he has been chosen to manage the distribution of anime and manga to the other world, which is connected to Japan through a wormhole.

In short, I like the plot. It is indeed kind of similar to Zero no Tsukaima, but the protagonist here doesn’t have any super-powers. He’s just an ordinary high-school boy who absolutely loves anime, and knows pretty much everything about it. Thus he isn’t mad at his maid Myucel Foaran (or Miusel Foalan?) hiding her half-elf race – quite the opposite, he is delighted at one of his desires coming true. He also screams from happiness when he sees that the ruler of the empire is a little moe girl (who is actually 16). Greeting a dragon who does gardening goes without saying.

I loved the art style – just what I wanted right now. Refreshing and moe. The medieval fantasy setting is enjoyable. The characters aren’t overly cliché – it has been a while since I saw a male protagonist who isn’t perverted, or his female companion who doesn’t slap him on every occasion. The was no ending this episode, but the opening was good. Overall, Outbreak company is something to look forward to.

Score: 8.5/10

Golden Time


This! This anime feels so light and refreshing that I am almost ready to name it as my favourite anime of the season already. The story might seem kind of standard, but the atmosphere is completely different. There’s our protagonist, who is the typical „normal high-school guy“ (except he just entered university), a guy who he met on his first day and with whom they immediately become friends, and an obsessive girlfriend.

Well, the obsessive girlfriend, Kouko Kaga, apparently has no feelings for the main character Banri Tada (so far, at least) – she’s all over his new friend Mitsuo Yanagisawa. They used to go to the same kindergarten and school, and her tendency to do everything according to a life-long plan has become very bothersome for Mitsuo. Up to the point when he went to a normal law school instead of a prestigious university. As we can see, that didn’t help, because Kouko did the same, making a slight rearrangement in her plans.

Leaving the „couple“ aside, Banri is just trying to fit in for now. He moved to Tokyo from Shizuoka, and is having trouble with getting around in a big city – like being late to the entrance ceremony due to taking the wrong train and being unable to find an exit at the station. Now he has to try extra hard to make friends – or so he thought, until he met Mitsuo, Kouko, and two other girls. Three out of those four call him a friend already.

Looking at all the previously mentioned things, I find the story great, and am very much looking forward to the rest of the series, as long as it doesn’t go downhill with ecchi, harem and such. The visuals are good, although nothing exceptional. The voice acting pleased me – recognized a few of the voices, and the rest did their job good as well. Opening and ending were slightly better than average – opening actually suggests romance between Banri and Kouko, which I personally would rather not have, in order to keep the uniqueness of the story.

Score: 9/10

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  1. I find Log Horizon better than SAO at this point. Its focus is more on the mechanics and not so much on the whole ‘trying out every cliché in the book’ thing. I still miss how they got in the world and how the outside world reacts to them being trapped. Its still a bit vague.

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