Little Busters! VN – Haruka route (spoilers!)

LB Haruka1

After Kurugaya’s mysterious route, it was time to help Saigusa Haruka, a purple-haired girl with a big trauma.

Haruka’s route easily seemed like the longest one in the whole game. First it had to build up the atmosphere and background information for the girl’s story – this required more time than for any other character. Next, Haruka’s deep secret was revealed and the player could experience all that dark sides of her everyday life. Nevertheless, even this route found a good end – or so it is made to think. In reality I don’t see the situation changing that much, just because everything was talked through.

So what was the problem with Haruka? Throughout the whole story of Little Busters! she was known as the mischievous girl who caused everybody trouble with her pranks. For this, she was often chased by the disciplinary committee, and on some occasions even punished. However, that was nothing major for her – Haruka even took pride in that fame of hers. At least on the surface. In reality, things were much more serious.

Haruka’s family had some serious issues – both literally and figuratively. It appears that Futaki Kanata, the chairman of the disciplinary committee, is her twin sister. Not completely, though, as they have the same mother, but different fathers. Nobody knows who the each one’s fathers are, except the parents themselves. They, however, refuse to reveal the information, because they have been banished from the family after an escape plan involving one man attacking the other. Thus, one is sent to prison, while the other escapes together with the twins’ mother. The girls are left in the main family.

Here’s the problem – having a criminal’s child is a disgrace for a family with such long history. Since the blood relations were unknown, the two girls were constantly compared to each other in various fields. By the matter of luck, Kanata was better in almost everything. Haruka, on the other hand, was punished harshly for every small mistake she made, and branded as the daughter of a criminal.

LB Haruka2

Not everything is so simple. While Haruka was punished for her inferiority, Kanata went through the same, simply because her father was not known for sure. Upon going to school, Haruka, who now held a deep grudge against her twin sister for being better and not going through any harsh times (Haruka did not know how it really was), kept causing trouble. Kanata in return always used her privileges as the chairman to catch her sister and make her go through constant humiliation.

In the end, the twins made up, and stopped quarrelling. The player was made to think that everything was going to go well now. What bothers me, though, is the fact that the trouble came from the main family – they were the ones giving orders and deciding on punishments. But I guess the new sisterly bond was good enough to help the two overcome the hardships.

In general it was an enjoyable route, although it did last for a bit too long. As my main goal at this point was to quickly complete all character routes, I would have wanted to move on to the next route already. Besides, I already knew the ending from the anime version of Little Busters! As for supernatural – I don’t think there was anything. Everything had a reasonable explanation, and simply showed the cruel reality of the Little Busters! world.

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