Little Busters! VN – Kurugaya route (spoilers!)

LB Kurugaya

Immediately after completing Rin’s route, I took up Kurugaya. Looking back at it – Kurugaya’s route certainly fits her unique character.

I would like to start off by saying that I had to play this route twice. The main reason for this was my confidence. As expected, I failed right at the beginning of the common route and played through everything without any chance of advancing into the character route. Getting the dull ending was very disappointing, considering the time I spent on playing.

Nevertheless, I played through it all again. This time with the help of a walkthrough. A bit sad that I couldn’t do it myself till the end, but oh well – I now consider Little Busters! more of a novel than a game. And a great one at that.

Why did I call Kurugaya’s route unique? Because unlike Komari’s and Rin’s routes, Kurugaya’s route touches the supernatural aspect of Little Busters! After the completion of the common route, Riki falls in love with Kurugaya. He goes through lots of trouble to convey his feelings, but the subject of his love still does not notice the truth. Then, Riki actually confesses.

The two start going out. Every day is like a dream – happy and enjoyable. Until Riki notices that something is off. The happy days are very similar to each other. Up to the point of being considered identical. Apart from some differences – such as snow in the middle of summer, and nobody being surprised by it. Even more mysterious is the fact how everybody forgets that Riki started going out with Kurugaya. Even the girl herself has to write it down in her notebook to remember every morning.

LB Kurugaya2

The two just can’t stay together. It is fate. Kurugaya knew about it all along, and tried her best to avoid any relationship with Riki. However, the boy’s love was just too strong. No matter how hard Riki tries to end the repeating 20th June, he can’t. He can only accept waking up from Kurugaya’s dream. After that, neither of the two can remember ever meeting each other. Just like that, the story of their love comes to an inevitable sad end.

What else did I notice about this playthrough? Rin’s behaviour. She’s like a whole new person. She is ready to take risks and is not that reluctant to interact with others anymore. If after Komari’s route she barely changed, then after her own route, she made a drastic improvement. Hence, I’m looking forward to the other playthroughs to see what she will be like then. Of course, as often noted on the Internet, some of her accumulated stats get transferred to a new game each time. I still have no idea why, though, and am doing a good job at avoiding excessive spoilers (apart from what I’ve seen/heard already).

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