Little Busters! VN – Rin route (spoilers!)

LB Rin1

There is a specific order in which I plan on playing the character routes. According to Little Busters! walkthrough, choosing one route over another at one point in the game can result in some scenes never appearing. The optimal playing order is therefore already given, and everybody is advised to use it. Thus, my second route was Rin.

Talking about Rin in general, she is definitely one of the most interesting characters I have seen recently. Her shyness is just so strong, that it is hard to find any similar characters in anime. Her relation to Riki and the rest of the original Little Busters makes her one of the main characters, meaning that at least some character development is to be expected.

That is exactly what Rin’s route is about. Playing as Riki, you try very hard to help Rin overcome her shyness and open up. When she gets into trouble or just needs somebody to rely on, you are there for her. That’s what childhood friends are for, after all.

One day, one of Rin’s cats brings a note on his tail, asking her if she wanted to know the secret of the world. For some reason Rin decides to learn this secret, and Riki has no option but to get dragged along. Together you complete several tasks from working in the cafeteria to curing love sickness. Each time, Rin learns some common sense, and the two childhood friends grow even closer.

The notes always mention some upcoming event, and in some of the cases, that event is impossible to know before hand. The question that Riki has now – how does the sender of these notes know about the upcoming problems? Despite pondering over this question for a while, he reaches no adequate answer.

By the end of the common route, the two spend enough time together to just get the random idea of starting to date. Neither had any previous experience, so they agree. Things don’t go very smoothly at first, but through Riki’s encouragement, even Rin starts acting more at ease around him.

LB Rin11

In the last task sent through the cat, the Riki and Rin are asked to volunteer for guiding the officials coming to have a look at the school and its work. Because of Rin’s lack of common sense and very bad manners, the Little Busters group works hard to teach her in the short time that is available.

In the end, despite all the efforts of Kengo, Masato, Kyosuke and Riki, Rin still makes several mistakes in how she should act around important people. Unexpectedly to their two guides, the visitors don’t take those mistakes too seriously. Quite the opposite – they take a liking to Rin’s hard-working personality. Now, Riki and Rin can get some rest…

… but not for long. Very soon, Rin is called into the principal’s office. Later, she reveals that the officials came to school to look for lively students who could become transfer students to another school. Rin has been chosen as one of them. The reason for such student-gathering is quite dramatic – in the school where they will be going, a very lively group of friends died in an accident. Since they were friends with everybody else, the mood is very low. Thus, it is necessary to find substitute students to brighten up the atmosphere again.

How do the childhood friends react to this? Quite well. Everybody except Riki, that is. He is strongly against Rin going to another school – partly because she is his girlfriend. The main reason, though, is his belief that Rin won’t do well there with her shy personality. Everybody tries to convince Riki that it’s not as bad as he makes it out to be, but he refuses to listen to him. The ending of the route depends on whether you decide to cheer Rin on, or leave her all to yourself. Both appear quite good in my opinion, but nevertheless, only one of those is a ‘Good End’, making the other a ‘Bad End’.

I personally enjoyed this route more than Komari’s route. Possibly because for the most part, it wasn’t in the first season of the Little Busters! anime, so it came as something new to me. On the other hand, the open ending of this route left a mysterious atmosphere, leaving me wondering how things would go from now on. It was a rather positive route – there weren’t any tear-jerking moments, but it still got emotional by the end. I liked it.

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