Little Busters! VN – Komari route (spoilers!)

LB Komari

Ever since I watched the first season of OreImo (Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai), I have had a small interest in visual novels. My first attempt to find something to try out didn’t go well, and I forgot about visual novels for a while. I remembered them when Little Busters! anime started airing.

In March 2013, I finally decided to get Little Busters! visual novel. What I read about it was very promising – supposedly it is one of the best games of this type. Furthermore, it was created by Key, and I absolutely love their other works. What made me actually get it, was the anime. It’s ending, to be precise.

Although I did not write a review on the anime, I did complete it as soon as it finished airing. Because the ending did not provide any answers, and the trailer that was aired at the end of the series showed something to look forward to, I decided to play the original game. Not just for the “Refrain”, which everybody talks about – I hoped to see even more of the routes shown in the anime.

According to the popular opinion, the first route to play should be Komari’s. That’s what I did. I didn’t particularly like her character (mostly because of the voice), but I gave it a go. What is the result? It took me 4 months to complete my first ever visual novel route. Looking back at the playing time, the total was around 15 hours.

Choices: during Komari’s route (and the common route, I guess?), there were quite a few choices to be made. For now I have no idea how much each of those affected the development of the story, but I had a hard time choosing sometimes. Seemingly unimportant actions might throw the whole story in another direction. At least that’s what I have heard.

LB Komari2

Route overview:

Naoe Riki, the protagonist of Little Busters! is feeling bored, and wants to do something with his childhood friends: Kyosuke, Rin, Masato and Kengo. Kyosuke, their leader, proposes to form a baseball team. Everybody agrees, and throughout the first part of the game Riki goes around school searching for members.

It turns out, that he manages to recruit only girls: Komari, Kud, Kurugaya, Haruka and Mio (who becomes the managers). Now the player has a choice on who to concentrate on – choosing the route, by making the right decision when presented with an opportunity. The simple decision to stay in class instead of going outside, for example, might influence the outcome of the whole game.

There are also two aspects of Little Busters! that are optional: battles and baseball practice. I found both quite entertaining, although I wasn’t very successful in either of those. Nevertheless, after several days of practice comes the big day – the first ever baseball match. I don’t know if it is possible to lose, but I won. A few mini-games throughout the game also attempt to increase the interactivity of the visual novel.

After the baseball game comes the specific character’s route. This actually made the time-span of the story seems more clear than the anime showed – all routes take place simultaneously. Each route has a good end and a bad end – I tried both of them. Good end in Komari’s case was her accepting the fact that her brother was dead. She could now live with the truth without running away, and could treat Riki like a real boyfriend. Bad end wasn’t that bad actually – Riki and Komari stayed together like a couple, and just had the problem reoccur once in a while.

Anyway, after the last effort to complete this route, I will continue playing Little Busters! After getting my first endings, I feel even more thrilled to see what else there is to see – including Refrain. I’m avoiding any possible spoilers about it on purpose, in order to witness the skill of Key. As for anyone reading this – I believe it is a worthy visual novel to try, and it sure has a lot of content. The lack of interactivity is compensated by a great story, which gradually reveals itself as you play through all 6 routes. Only after that you will learn the secret of the world.

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