Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi (Episode 1) – The World Without God

Kaminichi 1_1

A world without God. Nobody can die. Nobody is born. Only one way of leaving the forsaken world – with the help of a gravekeeper. That’s the mission that a little girl named Ai is entrusted with.

The 12-year-old gravekeeper inherited her position from her mother Alfa. She now spends her days digging graves for the villagers, who can’t die in a normal way. They would age and get injured, but would remain alive. To escape the fate of eternal suffering, gravekeepers bury the “dead”, thus completing the necessary ritual for the dead to rest in peace. Ever since Ai’s mother’s death, however, nobody has passed away. That is, until one fateful day…

Kaminichi 1_5

On the day when Ai finishes digging the last grave (making it 47 in total, one for each villager), she hurries back to the village just like always. She is a bit surprised that there is nobody to greet her in the fields. As she reaches the village, Ai bumps into a silver-/white-haired man, who puts a gun to her forehead. A few moments later he puts it away and asks the girl about a woman he is searching for. Not knowing about the woman, Ai asks for the man’s name. The latter calls himself Hampnie Hambart. This is the name that Ai’s mother called her husband. Of course Ai immediately thinks that the man is her father.

Her hopes are crushed a few minutes later, as she sees the massacre that Hampnie caused. All villagers have been killed (or rendered immobile?), with only one farmer remaining. Even he lacks half of his head, but does everything he can to protect Ai. Hampnie finishes him off with one shot. He then asks the gravekeeper to bury all the villagers, while he himself waits.

Kaminichi 1_6

After completion of the task, Ai confronts the murderer. The man says a shocking thing – Ai is not a gravekeeper. Supposedly gravekeepers do not have parents, and they appear out of nowhere. Secondly, they do not mean any harm to regular humans. This conflicts with Ai getting angry at Hampnie. At the last moments of the first episode of Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi, another gravekeeper appears, who Hampnie approves of. It is probably an acquaintance of his.

Quite honestly, I expected the story to be more interesting. Somehow what I saw today did not drag me in. It was interesting at times, yes, but not very fascinating. Perhaps the pace seemed slow? On the other hand I read on discussion forums about it being rushed… When I read the synopsis, I immediately thought of Shinsekai Yori (which I did actually manage to watch in the spring) and its world. What was shown here was once again slightly different from my expectations. Mostly due to the atmosphere – there is no feeling of approaching doom that was present in Shinsekai Yori. Other than that, Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi seems to be another travelling story. “A guy finds a girl in a strange situation and drags her with him on his travels.”-type of story.

Kaminichi 1_7

Unlike the average story, I absolutely love the character designs and the art style. Not only are the faces and clothes of characters very detailed (well, compared to the average anime), but the backgrounds are simply amazing. Whenever some scenery is shown, there is a rich use of lighting and colours. The sky of the anime world appears almost magical – the clouds are made even better by the floating particles and the lense flares. Just wow! The colour scheme is also chosen well for the rather dull moments of the anime, while adding a lot of colour to the refreshing moments.

What to say about the audio? I liked the opening. The song is one that I would enjoy listening to without skipping the opening sequence. Many characters are featured, while showing off the great visuals. No actions, though. Ending is worse in my opinion – but I seldom watch/listen to the ending anyway. The song did not tear away from Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi’s atmosphere too much, as it happens with a few anime series, so there are some positives even here. The choice of voice actors was good.

To sum everything up, Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi compensates what it could not give me through the beginning of the story, through amazing visuals and animation. No matter how much I used to deny it in the past, I like eye candy. The audio part of the series does not fall behind too much and provides a solid opening, ending and character voices. I feel compelled to continue watching this anime. I’m sure it will provide good entertainment and the story will grab my interest more in the future. Perhaps I am just tired right now, and it was hard for me to concentrate on the story.

Score: 7/10

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