Shiki (TV) – Episode 3

ImageSome anime really excel at what they try to present – be it the story, the art, or the humour. In some cases, it is the creation of an unlikeable character. That’s one of the main things I remembered from episode 3 of Shiki.

Masao Murasako could have been a good character that had an important and likeable role in the anime. However, his creators decided to make him the opposite. Absolutely everything about Masao annoyed me – his character design, his personality, his voice (no offence to the voice actor, though), his role and thoughts about the events taking place in the village. He himself admitted to trying to be like that! Like a combination of Nina from Code Geass and Ishihara from Rainbow…

ImageMoving away from the rant, the episode seemed quite good. The pace of the story didn’t really pick up, but that’s for the good I guess. Slow introduction of important characters is great here. Who exactly was introduced in this episode?

First and foremost, Natsuno’s best friend in the village – Tohru Mutou. Even he had trouble with Natsumo at first, but after fixing his bike’s tires, the two became closer. Now they seem to hang out together from time to time, and visit each other.

Secondly, as I already mentioned, Masao Murasako and his sister-in-law Chizuko Murasako. The two clearly have a bad relationship, because prior to his brother and Chizuko getting a child, Masao was an extremely spoiled brat. After the birth of their son, Masao promised that he would be very bad and make everybody in the family hate him.

Finally, the Kirishikis: Sunako, Seishirou, Chizuru, and their loyal servant Tatsumi. At first glance they seem like a normal family, with a perhaps too noble attitude for a village in the countryside. They are also the ones who moved into the European-style castle in the first episode. At first glance they might look normal, but what’s with the eyes of Chizuru and Sunako?

ImageThey are completely black, or at least without a noticeable trace of the white part of eye (sclera). It would be understandable in the concept of the mysterious anime, but nobody seems to notice. Even the priest of the village, Seishin Murou, made no comments about Sunako’s eyes after having a really intellectual conversation with her. Really confusing part, which hopefully has a reasonable explanation that is brought out further in the anime. Sunako herself is a strange character – as if she knows everything about everybody. That laugh of hers creeped me out, and did the same with Seishin after she commented on his wrist-cutting.

Finally moving on to the story, nothing changed much in the village. Deaths still occur, and Dr Ozaki still has no explanation for the anemia that causes the deaths. With no apparent way of losing blood, there simply is no way to explain everything. At least for now – the doctor finally got ahold of some blood samples of a patient in the peak of the illness. It is the woman from last episode, and even though she passes away soon, Ozaki notices two holes on her hand – assuming these are insect bites.

ImageMeanwhile, Natsumo’s and Tohru’s relationship is explained. In the beginning of the episode, Tohru picks his friend up on a car, after the latter had walked for a long time fue to a bus not coming. Natsumo reveals that he is really sleepy – not due to the strange disease that is spreading around the village, but because he cannot sleep at his home. It’s as if somebody is always watching him. Later on in the episode, he falls asleep at Tohru’s house after pissing off Masao, who hates him (as an outsider of the village).

Tohru lets his friend sleep and goes to buy a drink from a vending machine. His 100-yen coin falls under the machine, outside of his reach. However, at that moment Tatsumi comes and gets it with a back-scratcher. He has a very positive attitude and looks like a very good character on first glance. This feeling is shaken away at the last moment of the episode, when his face is given a very creepy shadow and look.

ImageI wonder how everything will progress from now? Even though I know the result, I still am confused about the roles of the characters. Who will die? When will they die? Who exactly is behind all of this? I suspect that there are plenty of hidden background stories behind the characters which will fill the next 19 (+2 specials?) episodes. Will be looking forward to those and everything else.

Score: 7.5/10

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  1. I think annoying characters are there for a reason. Somebody to hate in the story, it wouldn’t be a proper story if you had nobody to hate, only to love. I think the eyes are just a way to distinguish the ‘living dead’ from the others. If they had no visible difference it would be confusing for the viewer to think why they are different.

    • That’s what I also thought about the eyes… Though I understand that characters should be different for a good plot, I think the author overdid Masao’s antagonism a bit.

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