Shiki (TV) – Episode 2

ImageWhile the second episode wasn’t as good as I might have expected, it was still a nice way to spend some free time. The show steadily moves forward, achieving what it is aiming for – perhaps even confusing the viewer at first.

The episode shows a few days of the village life after Megumi’s death. Many people gather for her funeral and a shadow remains in every person’s heart. Some feel more sorrow, others spread rumours again, and keep track of everything that happens with others – however, as I said, everything is basically connected to the 15-year old girl’s death.

ImageNobody expected this to happen, and the parents blamed the doctor, who apparently misdiagnosed Megumi in regards to the cause of her anemia. He thought the girl had iron deficiency, but she had a low blood level – without a good explanation, since she did not haveany open wounds or noticeable internal bleedings. The death remains a mystery.

However, just days after the sad event, new people die – elderly at first, but some younger villagers share their fate. The series of deaths has no reasonable explanation for now – doctors consulting with each-other think it might be an epidemic. For now, they do not confirm anything, and Toshio Ozaki, the main doctor, promises to get to the bottom of the case. His main goal currently is to perform biopsy on one of the dead people, which is made difficult by their relatives.

ImageOn the other hand, there is one person who isn’t bothered by the events very much, That’s right, it’s the main character – Natsuno Yuuki. He remains cold-hearted on the outside, and simply wants to return to the city – he wants to leave the village located in the middle of nowhere. He finds positives even in the death of Megumi – at least she won’t be stalking him under his window anymore, and he can leave it open!

Not everything goes as planned, and things turn even stranger. Accompanied by disturbing sound effects and background music, Natsuno starts experiencing someone’s gaze. Even through a closed window he feels two eyes watching him from the bushes where Megumi used to hide. Of course, this scares even him with his calm personality.

ImageAll the other deaths have pretty much the same circumstances as Megumi – people suddenly start experiencing exhaustion and sleepiness, up to the point that they can no longer stand up. One of the old women who passed away did not move for a while, and her first sign of life during this time was to tell another woman who took a look at her to not call the doctor. Just like that, with a scary look on her face, she passed away. With a similar expression, a young woman was sent to Dr Tozaki by her relatives for a check-up. He finds nothing serious and instructs her to come again if her conditions changes even a bit for the worse. The woman agrees without any interest in the world around her, and even has no power (or will?) to completely put her clothes back on.

There were more sound efeects in this episode, which is very positive, because that’s one of the reasons why I started liking Shiki.On the other hand, the development seemed to slow down quite a bit, and nothing was connected to the mysterious new villagers. On the other hand, this gives a chance for more explorations in the next episode, which I am planning to watch as soon as I can. For now – episode 2 was somewhere between okay and good.

Score: 7.5/10

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  1. This was a really good series. Hopefully you’ll stick to the end. It needs a little time to get started but once it gets going it gets really dark. And even more bloody:p
    The soundtrack really enhances the whole story.

    • Hehe, that raises my hopes for the anime even more then 😀 And indeed, many great series take some time to get started!

      • I must admit I needed some time to complete this series. Some series have some pace issues or need multiple episodes to introduce us to the story. Shiki gladly retook it’s pace, some series just don’t lift. Let’s see if you make the next episode haha:p

  2. This is probably the best Horror themed anime that I have ever seen. You are seriously doing yourself a disservice if you don’t see the rest of the series. It’s slow-burn for a while, but when it ramps up, the events have weight and meaning thanks to the approach taken earlier. The series also does an exceptional job of messing with your perceptions and expectations of both the humans and vampires.

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