OreShura (TV) – Episode 2

ImageIt’s been a month since I last watched an episode of OreShura, but it feels like I forgot absolutely nothing about this comedy. Indeed, there is almost nothing to forget here. Not in a bad sense – no, it’s a good anime to relax once a week.

Going straight to the story, OreShura episode 2 was all about popularity. Masuzu, the most popular girl at school decided to have some more fun in her life. Apparently, getting Eita to be her fake boyfriend wasn’t enough – now she wants to make Chiwa popular! Although Chiwa has nothing against such popularity, she always thought about achieving it by herself. Now she is offered a place in a new-found club – “The Club for Young Maidens to Recreate Themselves”. For short, just a club that teaches female students how to become popular.

ImageHow is this achieved, you may ask? Of course the “Death” Note has a part to play. The journal that Eita kept for a while has its useful purpose now – convincing Chiwa how to act in order to be liked. Masuzu even let her choose a student who would fall in love with her – a random senior athetic guy. Though Chiwa appeared reluctant at first, she got more excited after hearing one of the journal entries, which talked about Eita (obviously, no names were mentioned) carrying his best friend, a guitar, on his back.

This escalated into the statement that all band musicians are popular. They all stereotypically hate Japanese music and get angry over little stuff. So, everything was decided. Next day Chiwa entered the classroom with an empty guitar case and immediately caught others’ attention. However, things didn’t go as easily as expected, and the ones that gathered around her knew a lot more about modern music. This created an embarrassing situation with Chiwa talking about bands she barely knew and waving the huge guitar case around, as if playing the instrument.

ImageNo matter how much she embarrassed herself, Chiwa was back to normal right away – her usual positive self. This surprised Masuzu, who had plenty of laughing earlier, and she asked why Chiwa was the way she was from Eita. Eita, being Chiwa’s childhood friend, already had an answer for such a question.

In the third year of middle school, the girl got into a serious accident which damaged her lower back, making her go through numerous surgeries. Althoguh her back was back to normal now, this made Chiwa unable to do any professional kendo. Now, she found a new goal to strive for – popularity, and going through a little embarrassment for the goal’s sake meant nothing to her. Quite strong-willed, I must say.

ImageAs I wrote earlier, although I hadn’t watched this anime for a month, I still remember it very clearly. It doesn’t have a deep story – just a central theme to revolve around, and I will take it. I guess I will continue watching this rather funny show for now, even though there is a lot on the horizon. Not just Winter 2013 season: I still have to catch up on Robotics;Notes, Little Busters, Sakurasou and Shinsekai Yori. Plus, I have to do all that before Spring 2013 comes, since THAT will be when the real shows start. A whole season filled with epicness… and I’ll forget everything that was airing before it.

Score: 7.5/10

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