Zetsuen no Tempest (TV) – Episode 17

ImageWhile some people try their best to save the world, others try to profit from what they get – even if it’s the destruction the world. Some characters of Zetsuen no Tempest really give off the atmosphere of such people.

What I meant by this, was mainly the beginning of this week’s episode. That’s right, I finally caught up with the anime, and can now review the episodes that are actually airing. That’s what I’m also hopelessly striving to achieve with several other series, to no avail. Anyway, the world is being changed by the Tree of Genesis, but the man responsible for managing the Black Iron crisis, Takumi Hayakawa, is trying to get his own benefits from the bad situation. After his army was annihilated in the assault on Tree of Exodus, he had to take responsibility (or will have to in the future). However, he is the only member of the army now who knows everything about the real problem – including the information about magic. He uses this fact as his trump card – hinting that the superiors shouldn’t get on his bad side.

ImageMeanwhile, it has been 2 weeks now since the last episode. Natsumura and Evangelie have been travelling with Megumu around the whole world, destroying different branches of the Tree of Genesis. As expected, this exhausts Megumu a lot, and they return to Japan. There they discuss with Samon and others, who could be Yoshino’s mysterious girlfriend. They want to use her as a threat or evidence, in case Yoshino is proven to be the Mage of Exodus – if he had the heart of the Mage of Exodus, he would abandon his girlfriend if it endangered him. After numerous stupid and funny suggestions, ranging from teachers and elementary school girls to the cafeteria lady, Megumu finally says the first and only reasonable person – Aika. This has a shocking effect on everybody in the room, including Mahiro.

Yoshino and Hakaze are doing pretty much the same – at least in Hakaze’s case. She can’t stop thinking about her love for Yoshino and decides to ask him what his grilfriend is like – to understand how much better she is compared to Hakaze, so the princess could give up her pursuit. Yoshino remembers a Valentine’s Day with Aika, which gave the main point of their relationship: Aika wouldn’t find anybody she could love besides Yoshino, and Yoshino wouldn’t be able to date another girl because he cared about his girlfriend. Aika’s personality is quite bad in Yoshino’s opinion, which makes Hakaze even angrier.


Finally, Hakaze decides to confess. She can’t act normally anymore while holding back her feelings, so she tells the boy exactly what she thinks of him. She also says that if she was to really fall in love with Yoshino, his girlfriend would be killed by the Tree of Genesis. At these words Yoshino smiles and says that would be impossible – he proceeds to reveal who the mysterious girl on his phone is.

A bit earlier in the episode it is explained, how Yoshino could be the Mage of Exodus. At one point, the mage was divided into two parts – his powers and his heart. Undoubtably, Megumu has the powers. Even Samon admits it. However, Megumu has a completely contradcting personality – he is unable do anything bad like killing a person. This means that somebody else MUST have the heart (or soul) of Exodus. Due to reasons from earlier episodes, Yoshino is the best candidate for the role. He doesn’t even need his powers – he bewitched the princess of Genesis and has the Tree of Exodus working in his favour.

ImageThis episode made me think a bit about Tetsuma as a character. When he first appeared, he semed very awesome to me. He had charisma, strength and power. After the encounter, my opinion of him quickly degraded to the point of actually hating him. He had such an unimportant role for the most part. Now, he is getting back into the story – he seems to know a lot more about the situation and the Mage of Exodus than other humans/mages. He is always the one to notice inconsistencies in people’s behaviours. I wouldn’t call his change a character development, though.

On the other hand, there doesn’t seem to be a bad guy in this anime – first it was Samon, but now it is known that Samon is just like everybody else. What is the characters’ goal right now? Do Hakaze’s and Samon’s groups act as enemies? I can’t understand it very well, so will be hoping to see more of the explanations.

In general, I liked the episode. It wasn’t surprising or very good, but it was consistent. I loved the flashbacks – they once again showed AIka’s and Yoshino’s relationship, which is always interesting to watch, given how little we know about them. Everything else, including the humour, was just in the background for me.

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