Zetsuen no Tempest (TV) – Episode 15

ImageBack to the very slow progress of story. I would have felt bored after watching this episode, if not for a simple sentence right at the end, that enhance all my previous theories and put everything back into place. However, I’ll talk about that later.

As I mentioned, the slow progress has been brought back. The only thing throughout the episode that I as a viewer learned – was the extent of Megumu’s power. After being contacted by Hakaze about their findings, Samon decided to see for himself, who the Mage of Exodus might be. He made Evangeline and Natsumura test, how precise can the man (or boy?) be in using his magical power. The suspected Mage of Exodus put his and on one branch of the Tree of Genesis, concentrated all his thoughts on it, and POOF! – it shattered into millions of glowing particles.

ImageSuch quick and unexpected result of course shocked the two around Megumu, so they hurried back to Samon’s place, where the scared mage was given over to Mahiro for interrogation. The question about his actions on the night of Aika’s death terriefied him at first, as he couldn’t remember a day from 1 year ago, but he finally remembered that he was on a date with Yu-chan (his ex grilfriend) that eveing.

This answer didn’t satisfy Mahiro, since he couldn’t confirm whether Megumu was telling the truth, or whether the girl even existed. Therefore, he went on to test Megumu’s strength himself, training him in the process. Mahiro said to go all-out and try to kill him, but warned, that his death would cause Hakaze and Yoshino to avenge him, which brought even more terror into the already horrified Megumu.

ImageMeanwhile, Yoshino and Hakaze were visiting a theme park. The area was filled with couples, so the situation felt awkward to the two characters, but they still tried to maintain a normal conversation. Suddenly they were approached by Junichirou, who asked Yoshino to buy some drinks. He then declared that Hakaze was in love. This came as a surprise for the latter, and she tried to deny it. Though, as she continued denying, she gradually started actually praising the boy, and ended up talking about touching Yoshino’s earlobes for the whole night at hot springs. This convinced even herself. She didn’t know how to act now, so asking Junichirou was the only right thing to do.

Her old-time friend, however said that it was best not to fall in love with Yoshino for now. Not because it would bring he had a girlfriend, and it would give Hakaze false hope. No – the reason lied in the core of the whole anime. The logic of the Tree of Genesis, which always sided with the princess. If Hakaze was to wish for Yoshino’s love, the Tree would ruthlessly kill his current girlfriend, making him free for a new relationship.

ImageSo, doesn’t that last thing piece everything together? Aika died 1 year ago. Hakaze was imprisoned 2 years ago, and was currently in the present time. Technically, Yoshino doesn’t have a girlfriend right now, so it is okay for Hakaze to love him.

However, if we imagine, that at some point Hakaze was to return to the past again – to the time prior to Aika’s death, it would mean that the princess’s love could actually result in Yoshino’s girlfriend’s death! This both, gives Yoshino a very important role in the plan, and also does not deny the existence of the Mage of Exodus in Megumu’s body.

A more simple version would be even without the ‘returning to past’ part. Tree of Genesis simply wanted to make everything easier and killed Aika of the past in order for Hakaze’s love to exist forever.

This seemed like a very interesting point to me, but the episode itself was average okay at best – resons being brought out before. I would love more hints towards Aika’s death in next episode, so I’ll watch it as soon as I can.

Score: 7/10

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