Zetsuen no Tempest (TV) – Episode 14

ImageTree of Genesis really is something. Since it appeared about a month ago, it has practically restored logic into the human world. It now grows inside big cities, punishing even the smallest crimes – illogical actions that people tend to make. However, in this new world, a few inconsistencies still remain.

One of these is the Mage of Exodus, the follower of Tree of Exodus (Tree of Zetsuen). That person still remains a mystery for now – even his or her existence is doubtful. However, if they did exist, it could explain how Aika’s murderer managed to escape the mage web from detecting the murder. For Mage of Exodus, destruction IS the logic. Therefore, a murder would not be detected as an illogical thing. Simple as that.

ImageYoshino and Hakaze are travelling across Japan together, looking for any possible remainders of the fruits. They find none, so instead they decide to visit Aika’s grave in Yoshino’s destroyed hometown. Hakaze apologizes several times before the dead girl. It’s also shown that she blushes at times when talking to her ew companion – hinting that she has developed feelings towards him. Samon thinks this way too – up to the point that Yoshino’s decisions can influence Hakaze’s actions, making the boy hold the world’s fate in his hands (although unknowingly to himself for now).

After the graveyard visit, the two go to a train station, where Yoshino is apporached by Megumu Hanemura, the construction worker from previous episode. He asks how to get to Mount Fuji – the place where the Tree of Exodus is located, sealed by Hakaze’s indestructible barrier. He says that he might be the rumoured Mage of Exodus. The rumour itself was acually being spread by Samon, to find the mage quicker. The two travelling main characters now intend to test Megumu’s powers – learning that he can destroy the defensive magical barriers and even blow up Hakaze’s hand in the process (which instantly grows back, to Megumu’s surprise and shock).

Samon explains why Yoshino might be the Mage of Exodus. Apparently, his existence and part wasn’t necessary in the plan to revive Tree of Genesis. Even without Yoshino, Mahiro would have either found out how to beat the time trap, or used the talisman, forcing Samon to bring Hakaze to the present time. However, Yoshino was there against any logic of simplicity – an unnecessary piece that was somehow added to the plan.

ImageInteresting episode, but nothing special in my opinion. More questions, but no answers. Who is the real Mage of Exodus – Megumu or Yoshino? Both, Samon’s theory and Magumu’s power are plausible in that sense, and it is hard to tell what the truth is. Megumu’s magic is red – unlike the usual Kusaribe blue magic. This means it is different. He was also able to throw it as an offensive weapon – something that defies the logic. Seemingly good prrof that is the Mage of Exodus. But if that’s the case, who is Yoshino? Why was he part of the whole plan, if he didn’t have a specific role? Yes, many questions to be answered in the next 10 episodes of the anime. I’m also not a big fan of the Yoshino x Hakaze paring – seems too cheesy to me.

Score: 7.5/10

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