Zetsuen no Tempest (TV) – Episode 13

ImageUgh. A recap episode… At least half of it was. Actually, what a smart technique to make people watch the recap! 13 minutes of repetition with some new scenes, and then tell the continuation to the story. It worked on me – I enjoyed it more than the average episode of this type.

Though the first half was a recap, it is still worth talking about a bit. The past story was told through the point of view of Mahiro – it was acually his dream, where he got stuck. Unable to differ dream from reality at first, he talked to Aika for a bit and then continued on his journey as a much younger version of himself and Yoshino of the same young age.

ImageThe two looked at what had happened, but also discussed a few things like Aika’s death and the world after the two boys’ deaths. What would happen to Earth after the Tree of Genesis got out of control? Would the world exist? If it would indeed still be there, maybe it would be so different from ours that it would be hard to believe? These are just some of the questions that were asked in the recap part of the episode.

However, every dream has an end. Mahiro awakens in an apartment, after Samon enters his room to open the curtains. After asking how long he had been asleep, Samon says it had been 1 month that he had kept Mahiro sleeping with his magical powers. It had to be done, as he said. In the meantime, the Tree of Genesis had continued its growth around the Earth – destroying cities in the process. Though not everything has happened like in Mahiro’s dream, yet. Upon the question whether Yoshino was safe – Samon asks whether Mahiro would kill his friend.

Another scene at the end of the episode shows a construction worker with rather light hair. He looks weak and perhaps even sick. He tells his co-worker that he was just dumped by his girlfriend for being irresponsible and not having a future. His colleague tells him a rumour about a Mage of Exodus who could stop the Tree of Genesis. At these words the sickly worker gives a smile, says that the rumours are probably about him, and asks whether saving the world would give him a place to belong. He creates a red spiralling orb out of thin air.


Indeed, the creators of Zetsuen no Tempest managed to convey more story in a recap episode with ~8 minutes of new stuff, than they usually do in normal episodes. It was the first repetition of past events that I’ve liked out of the 151 anime series/OVAs/movies that I have completed – it was simply different. The final sequences with Mahiro being asked about killing Yoshino, and the construction site worker saying he is probably the Mage of Exodus were interesting to watch and made me adjust a few theories I’ve had about the story of the anime so far.

The preview is promising – main characters have moved on with their lives, and seem to be enjoying the piece. At least Yoshino and Hakaze, who seem to have started dating – the latter really fell for the guy. The two are also approached by the worker I’ve talked about before, and kicked by Hakaze. Samon says that Yoshino might be the Mage of Exodus – maybe that is somehow connected to the earlier question about killing him. However, who is the myserious new guy then? Can’t wait to watch the next episode to know!

Score: 8/10

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