Zetsuen no Tempest (TV) – Episode 12

ImageI was about to add this episode to the list of disappointments. Not because it was bad – rather because it once again failed to live up to my hopes from the preview. However, I certainly don’t think so anymore. More like the best episode of the anime so far!

Without saying much else for now, I’ll move on to the story. The episode started off quite slowly. Hakaze was still running around the island, searching for the hidden offering. Samon felt his loss coming, and had only one hope left – that the revival of the Tree of Exodus would finish before the princess found the piece of technology.

ImageApparently, his plan was crushed. Not by Hakaze, Yoshino or Mahiro – it was quite the opposite at first, and the offering was difficult to find. Then, as Hakaze thought the Tree of Genesis can’t be responsible for Aika’s murder since it is not helping her find the required object, she heard an explosion. Running back to the beach, shock took hold of her – a rocket had crushed right into the sand, and was now sticking out of the ground right in front of the princess. This brought all the suspicion back.

Regardless of that, the mission was now made much easier. Hakaze immediately used her magic spell and teleported her body onto the skeleton in the real time. Wihtout clothes, though – these would have taken too long to transfer. Yoshino took care of this by giving her his jacket, where she found a gun. Hakaze promised to thank Yoshino properly for his help in bringing her to the future.

ImageThings might have seemed to be going well now. However, this illusion was broken in an instant – the Tree of Genesis, knowing that the Mage of Genesis has returned, decided to attack the almost-revived Tree of Exodus. Destroying the protective barrier with ease leads to the opposite result, and the Tree of Exodus goes berserk. The two trees fight with their branches, cutting everything in their paths and destroying cities all around the world.

Even more shocking was the next thing – since Hakaze was already brought back to the present time, Yoshino and Mahiro had accomplished their task. They were no longer needed for the Tree of Genesis’es plan. Therefore… both were brutally murdered in a few moments. Actually, no. It only seemed like they had died. In reality they were just wounded very bad. The two mages (Hakaze and Samon) start healing the two.

ImageAbsolutely unbelievable development there! I would never have thought that the two main characters would be this close to death so early in the series. Though, it appears that both still have their use to the story.

Aika’s voice at the end was confusing – was it just a memory of the past, with some of her quotations? Or was it, perhaps, the real time? A small blue orb was flying among the branches of the two trees, talking like Aika would, and I don’t remember hearing any of the monologue before. Who knows – we’ll have to watch more to learn the truth.

Finally, the preview. Seemed very interesting. If I’m not mistaken, the action will drastically change location. A possible time skip? I would be very happy if that was the case (as I’ve said in my earlier posts, I love time skips). Mahiro is told to kill Yoshino… Interesting, to say the least.

Score: 9.5/10

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