Zetsuen no Tempest (TV) – Episode 11

ImageIn the world of Zetsuen no Tempest, logic is almost flawless. The only flaw is that the logic is determined by the Tree of Genesis. It twists the world towards the most beneficial developments, creating some fallacies in the process.

What I expected of this episode, did not happen. The vieweres were still looking at the same scenery of Samon, Mahiro and Yoshino standing together, trying to convince each other to act in a certain way. Occasionally, we were shown Hakaze’s island – even more often this time, than usually.

ImageAs seen from the last episode, Yoshino’s theory about Hakaze was crushed by Samon. However, as this gave Hakaze time to regain confidence in herself, the two thought of another possibility. They now want to transfer the girl’s flesh onto the skeleton in the present time – just like her voice is transferred from past to present.

Samon reveals that this is precisely the only way to bring Hakaze back, since he left an offering hidden on the island, but states that it’s too easy – most likely because the Tree of Genesis sides with her. This would mean that the tree could also be responsible for the whole mage conflict – making Samon do what he did to Hakaze, killing Aika and making Mahiro find the talisman doll. A convenient plan to kill the Tree of Exodus.

ImageUpon thinking of this, Mahiro hesitates – he is not sure who killed Aika, and if it was the Tree of Genesis, that would make it his enemy. Thus he isn’t ready to shoot yet. Meanwhile, Hakaze has already started looking for the offering, which should be hidden nearby. In case of emergency, Samon wouldn’t want to waste much time on searching for it.

The fight between Evalgeline and Natsumura has also concluded. Stopped by Junichirou, to be precise. According to a conversation between Samon and Natsumura in the past, Junichirou is a master – somebody who can easily beat a mage, without the latter realizing what happened. Yet, Jun-kun doesn’t want any conflicts.

ImageFinally, it appears that Yoshino wasn’t the only one that was buying time. Samon was doing the same – while he was trying to make the others think over the time-trap, his men were investigating the murder of Aika. The results came through, now, shocking as they were to everybody. Hakaze was absolutely sure that the killer was from Kusaribe clan – the only clan that could escape the wrath of the Tree of Genesis resulting from a murder using defensive magic.

However, it appears that the Kusaribe weren’t involved with the murder at all! Therefore, since the murderer did not appear on the tracking net, he wasn’t part of the mage clan. This makes Samon and Hakaze yell in disbelief. The only explanation Hakaze could think of is even more unbelievable – another mage. Hakaze is the Mage of Exodus. Therefore the culprit could (and probably is) the Mage of Exodus. His/her identity is unknown for now.

Interesting revelation (or just another theory?) in this episode. Makes me want to watch even more of the anime. I accidentally stumbled upon a possible spoiler due to a simple Google search – a theory that I’ve had from the very beginning. Thankfully, I only saw a few words in the search results. The preview seems very interesting – Hakaze is finally coming back! Some new distasters will be happening. A promising episode to come, for sure.

Score: 8/10

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