Zetsuen no Tempest (TV) – Episode 10

ImageFinally the scene of events will shift in this anime! Honestly, when in 3 straight episodes the place of conversation does not change one bit, and the camera angles seem to be repeating several times, it isn’t very good. And that’s what has been happening.

However, moving on from the negatives, I quite liked this episode. Firstly because it has been a while since I watched something new and recent (mainly re-watching Code Geass first and second season for the past 1-2 weeks). Secondly, because we finally get some conclusion to the meeting between Samon, Yoshino and Mahiro.

ImageDespite my  previous statement – nothing really happened here. Once again. Just the battle of words and theories. Yoshino invented some far-fetched theory to explain the difference in time – that they are actually located in the same time as Hakaze. According to the theory, Hakaze was put to sleep for 2 years prior to being sent to the island, and that would explain how she spent only 4 months there. Plausible, but it completely disregarded anything that was said in previous episodes (such as the time it takes for the bottle to reach the coast).

This theory had its purpose – certainly not to be true. Instead, Yoshino thought of it to win Mahiro’s support and make Samon panic. That’s exactly what happened, since Samon knew they were really in different time periods, and he also knew that Mahiro would shoot any moment. His only option was to prove the truth – and he did that by making Hakaze scratch a word on the barrel on her island. As expected, the word also appeared on the barrel next to Yoshino, proving him completely wrong.

ImageHowever, the second aim of the theory was already achieved. Samon’s panic proved that the time trap wasn’t as simple as it sounded. There was a way to bring the strongest wizard back from the island – and Samon knew how, being ready to do that if Mahiro had shot from the talisman. Although he proved the time difference, it was enough to give Hakaze new-found confidence – she was ready to fight once again and change her future. Mahiro agreed to help her in that, but refused to shoot for now.

This was a refreshing episode as compared to my recent anime-watching weeks. Hakaze finally straightened her back and ended her depression – meaning that there’s more to come in Zetsuen no Tempest. It also gave a strong hint towards the final ending – that they main characters will manage to reunite and overthrow the bad guys. Just like it always happens. Have there actually been any anime where the good side does not win? Yesterday I couldn’t think of one. But anyway, I hope Zetsuen no Tempest won’t disappoint me in the end with its story.

Score: 8/10

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