Maoyuu Maou Yuusha (TV) – Episode 3

ImageNo matter how hard you try, sometimes it is necessary to ask for other people’s help. That’s what the main characters of Maoyuu Maou Yuusha were thinking. And it’s basically what the whole episode of the anime was about this week.

Everything is developing very slowly, even for a dialogue-based anime like this. Nothing major happens, no sudden events happen – just the usual merchant talk and the making of different plans how to achieve success.

ImageOne of such plans was revealed in episode 3 of Maoyuu Maou Yuusha. The Demon Queen was planning to plant potatoes all over the fields. It appears that the vegetable was unheard of in the local area, so they wanted to show it to the church. The main nun there was somebody who the protagonists did not expect to see – Onna Kishi (the female Knight). She had been a companion of Yuusha (Hero) in their quest to defeat the Demon Lord, but when their leader left them, they had to return.

Upon returning to their homeland, Hero’s companions were notified that Hero had sacrificed his life to wound the Demon Lord, and were offered a reward in money. Two companions accepted it, while the Knight did not. When she met Yuusha alive and well, she was not only surprised, but angry – she immediately asked who the woman with him was and what had happened. Hero and Maou reinforced the version of the wounded Demon Lord, but changed the ending – Yuusha was cured and taken care of by Maou, and became her bodyguard.

ImageAfter listening to the made-up story, Onna Kishi was content with it, and listened to the introduction of potatoes. She was amazed at all the properties of the vegetable and agreed to establish a convent in the main characters’ village, as asked by them. She promises to visit the village, much to the horror of Yuusha.

Meanwhile, Maou had already developed a compass, which she sent to the biggest merchant organisation.  The leaders of the organisation thought the device would bring them huge profit ad couldn’t allow anybody else to gain anything from it – therefore they had to do something about its inventor, Maou, who actually called herself the Crimson Scholar. One of their ideas was an assassination.

Another thing that the characters heard from the Knight was the fate of the Mage. She had left to search for Hero in the demon land and hadn’t returned yet. This made Hero worry and he decide to go look for his former companion. In this new quest of his, he received some help from the Demon Queen (some names and an armour), and finally teleported to his destination.

ImageOne of the characters that was mentioned in this episode was a demon living in the northern lands. He was shown to look like a big walrus and said to be very strong. This reveals that not all demons look like humans – some actually do resemble monsters.

The involvement of the merchant organisationt adds unpredictability and tension to the story, which is very good. I wonder what’s going to happen next? Will they really try to kill Maou? Also, Yuusha is away right now, so there’s nobody to protect her… Great potential there!

Finally, I started liking the opening song – it adds an enjoyable tune to the series as a whole and well represents the atmosphere. The visual quality once again wasn’t impressive in most cases, although sceneries were beautiful. The artistic design is good.

Score: 8.5/10

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