Maoyuu Maou Yuusha (TV) – Episode 2

ImageThis week has been really busy, so I haven’t really had any time to write in my blog. Today, however, I finally watched a new episode of Maoyuu Maou Yuusha. To shortly  up my initial thoughts after completing the episode – it was a bit of a let-down. At least to me.

Why do I think so? Well, first of all the art quality. If the first episode of the anime had some amazing visuals to show off, then this week didn’t have some of that. Fine, the quality was good, but my first impression was that the anime will stay like it was presented – well-drawn, detailed and with a nice colour scheme.

ImageJudging by the story – this really will be very similar to Spice and Wolf. I’m not even talking about the ending song and voice actors. Two young people become companions, start travelling and try to gain profit. In Spice and Wolf it was done through merchanting; in Maoyuu Maou Yuusha the characters go to live in a poor village. There they plan to develop agriculture, grow animals, educate villagers and so on – for the purpose of properity of the village.

That’s exactly what happened in this episode. The Queen (Maou) and the Hero (Yuusha) reach a village, where they are greeted by the Demon Queen’s Head Maid. She appears to be very professional, principled and warm-hearted at the same time. As the main characters grow a bit closer to each-other, a sudden event happens.

ImageTwo children sneak into their stable. They’re scared and have barely any clothes on. The main characters and the Maid understood that the sisters were runaway serfs, and the Maid together with the Queen wanted to report them in the morning. However, first they allowed them to take a bath, gave then fine clothes and shared some food. After eating, the older of the siblings begged to not be reported.

Though unwilling at first, the Maid finally agreed to turn them from insects to humans by training them into becoming maids. Their learning progress was shown to be quick, and they had strong determination to become useful. Meanwhile, Maou started educating the nobles (or their children?) – according to her words, a very tiring and annoying process. Upon hearing these words, Yuusha promised to help with what he could – after all he wasn’t happy that his only use was hunting animals for food.

ImageIn general the episode had some of the familiar discussions about efficiency of different economic techniques – in this case the four different fields. It also showed that demons aren’t different from humans at all – they act the same, look the same and have the same problems as humans. Therefore, there isn’t really any justification for the on-going war in my opinion, and the two races could easily live together, under one flag. Interesting ideas were in the episode, but everything felt extremely slow – slower than I would’ve wanted.

Score: 8/10

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