Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo (TV) – Episode 1


What happens if you mix together a bunny girl, three self-centered teenagers and a magical world? That’s right, Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo (an awfully long name, so I’ll be calling it just Mondaiji in the future). It’s not that bad overall, but certainly not what I was expecting.

When I first found this anime, I immediately watched a pre-release trailer. It seemed like something very interesting. However, I didn’t think it would be like it is – instead I was looking forward to a more action-oriented series of the season. I guess I won’t be getting it here.

ImageFirst thing I can say about this anime – it has great art. Animations are lovely, the colours are so bright that it’s probably impossible to see some darker theme in Mondaiji. As I always say, I love when things have detail in anime, and that’s what this anime managed to deliver. Gorgeous graphical quality.

Voice actors – fine. In my opinion Kurousagi’s and Kasukabe’s voice actors didn’t fit the outer appearance of the characters, and I expected to hear somebody else. Hoever, since it’s only the beginning, I guess there’s a reason fro such a choise and I’ll happily accept it (if the anime will be good).

There was no opening this time, but there was an ending. A very awesome ending, by the way! Absolutely loved the song, and it also previewed some of the future characters. If it’s staying this way, I guess I will have to make an exception and stop skipping right to the preview, for this anime.

ImageThe main characters seem quite unique and interesting. First of all – Izayoi Sakamaki. Somebody who’s bored of the everyday life, and wants at least something fun to do. For that reason, he seems to love all kinds of games, and thus joined the Gift Game. Next, Asuka Kudou. When I saw her character design, I thought I’d see somebody gentle and friendly, but instead it was a character with plenty of tsun and a very high opinion of herself. You Kasukabe – the third player of the Gift Game, she looks like a person who prefer’s the animals’ company over other people, and though at first glance would be shy, she actually has quite bad personality. Finally, Kurousagi. I wonder why she can have blue and pink hair, but not black, as her name suggests. She gets scared easily, and has trouble controlling the 3 other main characters. Other than that – a very positive bunny.

ImageThe story is what disappointed me the most. I thought there would be real action, but instead the anime is more centered on the Gift Game, which takes place in a magical world. The three main characters are dragged there after receiving a letter with an invitation, and are soon greeter by Kurousagi, who introduces them to the surrounding world. It’s a world full of different creatures: half-animals, humans, demons, angels, gods, and even vampires. They all participate in the games – activities where you can use all your powers to win, bet and receive prizes. There are several communities – some bigger and stronger than others. That is possibly the reason why Kurousagi invited the three other characters to Little Garden world – to join her and her master’s community, which is one of the weakest in the magical wolrd.

ImageIn conclusion, despite me not liking the story very much, I’ll give this anime some time to develop. Though it has only 9 episodes left, so there’s not much time. I will be hoping that there’s some deeper story, perhaps a darker theme behind all of the happiness in the Little Garden. This way I could enjoy watching another story-based anime this season. For now though, the score will stand as it is:

Score: 7/10

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  1. I wont be looking for a deeper story since as you’ve said, there’re only few episodes left. It’s pretty much enjoyable though 🙂

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