OreShura (TV) – Episode 1


Only today did I decide to at least give this anime a go. The reason was primarly in the art – it reminds me too much of the typical ecchi-harem series, which I am very tired off. OreShura, or Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru, isn’t actually anything like that – at least based on the first episode!

It’s actually quite enjoyable, contrary to my initial thoughts. The TV version doesn’t have real fan-service, which is good in my opinion. Also, the comedy will probably be paired with references to other series, which will raise it higher by another step.

ImageNow, the story. I think I’ve seen this somewhere. Probably more than once. However, it’s still intriguing bundled with the upcoming comedy of the series. A high-school student that concentrates only on studying hard, Eita Kidou, is enjoying his peaceful life. He has a female childhood friend (what a surprise…) that comes to eat at his place whenever he’s home alone. He actually has a reason for studying hard – one of the rare cases in anime industry when characters like that have a proper goal in mind, and don’t just study for the sake of studying and being better than others.

Anyway, one day, Eita’s friend asks him if he knew a girl from his class – a beauty who just returned from overseas, Masuzu Natsukawa. As expected, he didn’t. Next day, the teacher makes the students draw numbers for a new seat arrangement, and Eita gets a seat right next to Masuzu. Under the jealous glances of the whole class, the boy just continues what he usually does – studying. He doesn’t care about romance or love at all, so he doesn’t care about his new acquaintance either.

ImageSame cannot be said about Masuzu, though. As time goes on, she gives more and more glances towards Eita, and one day asks him if he wants to walk home with her. Upon the question for her reasons, she shyly says she loves Eita. Now even more people start being jealous of the top student of the class.

While everybody else believed the confession without other thoughts, our main protagonist of course isn’t like them. He immediately notices something is off, and on their way home, he asks his new “girlfriend” what she wanted from him. After trying to convince him otherwise for a few moments, the girl finally says the truth – she just wants a fake boyfriend, so all other male students would stop confessing to her.

ImageIt doesn’t end at that, though. Eita refuses her request, but Masuzu has a trump hard. Bringing out a notebook (Death Note reference!) from her schoolbag, she starts reading diary entries. After 3 of these, it is revealed who the owner of the diary is. Yes, Eita is actually a former chuunibyou. Trying to hide his past life as a dragon-fighting knight, he put the notebook in an old encyclopedia, and only sold it by accident. The girl then coincidentally found it in a shop.

Now she has everything to make Eita hers, and the two become boyfriend and girlfriend. Feeling that the upcoming days will be far from easy, the main character only has a choice to sigh and accept the terms. At least now people wouldn’t think he was gay. However, the one that would have the biggest reaction to this development would be the childhood friend – Chiwa Harusaki.

ImageThe art style isn’t my favourite, to be honest. It’s very simplistic and lacks any detail. On the other hand, it gives OreShura a very light feel. The portrayal of the characters is better in this anime than the overall quality of art – everybody has a ton of expressions and their emotions are supported by outer special effects.

The opening and ending didn’t impress me – I’ve seen and heard better. Thinking about it, I don’t really enjoy opening and ending songs of comedy anime, so it might just be my usual trend. The voice actors did a good job, I’ll give them that. Background sound effects were good.

I’m not entirely sure whetehr I liked the first episode enough to like the anime. It was funny, but that’s it. Generic characters didn’t make the things better. However, since judging a series b the first episode is considered wrong by he general public’s opinion, I’ll give OreShura a few more chances. After all, I’m not watching any othr comedies right now – why not give a go to this.

Score: 7.5/10

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