Zetsuen no Tempest (TV) – Episode 9

ImageEverything about this episode of Zetsuen no Tempest showed the effect of the revelation. Darkness had surrounded Hakaze’s island. All main characters were trying to cope with what they heard, and think of a new plan.

That’s when Mahiro decided to act on his nature – abandon the mage, and strike a deal with Samon. Just like that, he cut his ties with Hakaze and threw the doll-talisman away. He then threatened the enemy to do what he initially wanted from the girl – to find out who killed Aika. Samon, although surprised at Mahiro’s disregard of the world’s fate, accepts the deal, saying that it’s a negligible price for avoiding complete destruction.

ImageUnlike Mahiro, Yoshino still has his doubts. Therefore, he goes to talk the talisman once again, and in the midst of the sad conversation, he remembers a coincidence from the past – Aika telling him about Shakespeare’s story “The Tempest”, a story about revenge, a mage living on a deserted island, and with a happy ending. Remembering this small incident, Yoshino makes up his mind.

He puts the doll on his neck and attacks his friend, with every intention of taking the gun-talisman from him. However, even after using a few flashbangs (the ones he got from the army earlier), he didn’t succeed. Mahiro was quite skilled with his defensive barriers. This fight gave Samon new fears and uncertainty in the outcome, so he drew his sword to join on Mahiro’s side. However, it ended at that, because Yoshino proposed a new deal to Mahiro.

ImageHe promised to tell the name of Aika’s boyfriend if Mahiro agreed to help him in bringing Hakaze to the present time. Although it seemed impossible, Mahiro finally accepted the terms, and Yoshino prepared to tell his plan – the plan to make a time machine. Despite yelling about it being impossible, Samon was shown to be scared enough to make everything believable.

The episode wasn’t quite on part with the last one. The amount of things that happened was decreased drastically, and instead the whole episode just dealt with the aftermath of the revelation and the new emotions. The time machine idea seemed quite far-fetched to me, but we’ll see. For now, though, I wouldn’t rate the episode very high.

Score: 7/10

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