Zetsuen no Tempest (TV) – Episode 8

ImageFinally the series has reach one of the breaking points – the moment when a major truth behind the story is revealed. Fascinating and confusing at the same time, the episode is one of the best so far.

Last episode’s flashbacks were replaced by actions in episode 8. The two protagonists finally reach their destination and are ready to execute the plan, with the help of the army. However, everything goes even too smothly – nobody tries to stop them from infiltrating, and instead, Samon himself comes out to meet Yoshino and Mahiro.

ImageAs the tanks, ships and helicopters were bombing a magical barrier around Samon’s hideout, the leader himself starts speaking the truth. It appears that Yoshino was the only one who didn’t know everything – that the real reason behind the destruction was the Tree of Genesis, which punished people for reviving the fruits. Destroying the Tree of Exodus would result in the awakening of the Tree of Genesis, which would then proceed to ‘fix’ the world. One of the possible outcomes, in case the world was too flawed, would be complete recreation, and therefore the destruction of the current world.

While Yoshino is shocked at these words, Mahiro remains unshaken. Aika’s death had way too big impct on him, and doesn’t even care about the world anymore. Therefore, he continues threatening Samon into returning Hakaze to Japan. Otherwise, he would unleash Hakaze’s full magical power from the gun-talisman, and shatter the barrier. If that were to happen, all the bombs would fall onto the now visible Tree of Exodus, completely annihilating it.

ImageHaving no other choises left, Samon tells what’s really happening. Particularly, in regards to Hakaze and her imprisonment on the island. Referring to Junichirou’s words from a few episodes back, he says that the mage is dead. And has been dead long enough to leave only a skeleton. Of course, neither of the guys believe him, but he asks Hakaze through the talisman, what year it is. Knowing that hse had been on the island for whole 4 months already, she confidently gives the answer.

Both, Mahiro and Yoshino are extremely surprised. The former even lowers his weapon, which he held ready despite everything else before. Now however, having heard that Hakaze named a date 2 years prior to the series, he has no words. Yes – the only reason why Hakaze can talk to the guys is through her magic, which allows her voice to travel through time, 2 years later. In reality, she’s been long since dead.

ImageA really creepy revelation, to say the least. It gave the series an atmosphere of inevitability and sadness. How would they go about saving Hakaze now? It’s not like they can return her from the past to the present, and as mentioned earlier in the anime, resurrection isn’t an option for the Tree of Genesis. Even the preview shows a gradual destruction of everything that was achieved in the first 7 episodes, one highlight being Yoshino telling Mahiro about his relationship with Aika.

Leaving everything aside, though, I doubt the two main characters would leave Hakaze alone simply because she’s no longer alive in the present time. They would try to follow her advice, and she would try to change the future. That’s only my prediction, so it might be wrong… Also, if the Tree of Genesis supports logic, wouldn’t the Tree of Exodus be otherwise? That means that the Tree of Exodus could in theory bring the dead back to life (Aika, Hakaze) – but for a good and most likely development of the series, in the end, none of them will be there anymore.

Score: 9.5/10

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