Tasogare Otome x Amnesia (TV) – Review

ImageThere is one anime genre that is particularly interesting – horror. Having watched quite a few of these, I still haven’t seen a successfully scary anime. Higurashi got close, but it wasn’t really even horror. Another showed a great beginning and wasted all potential later. Tasogare Otome x Amnesia also tried to make something scary – but it was better with the comedy that was added.

The series aired in spring 2012, with 12 episodes on the TV. I can’t say for sure what made me drop the anime for more than half a year, but yesterday I decided to finally watch the last 4 episodes. I don’t regret it, though I have things I disliked about this anime.

ImageStory: Teiichi Niiya, a 12-year-old boy, accidentally wanders into a storage room in an old building of the school he’s studying in. There, he meets a mysterious girl, who reveals herself to be the famous ghost from the school’s stories – Yuuko Kanoe. The boy promises her to investigate her past, and the reason why she was stuck in the school. Apparently, Yuuko doesn’t have any memories from her life, and the only thing she knows is that her body was beneath the storage room.

As it appears, Teiichi is one of two people who can see Yuuko, and thus he establishes a club in the old storage room. Two more members join apart from Teiichi and Yuuko: Momoe Okonogi, a very energetic and positive girl that is very motivated about investigating ghost stories, and Kirie Kanoe, another girl who is the other person capable of seeing the ghost. That’s where the series start – together, the 3 alive members of the club research ghost stories and rumours going around the school, getting closer and closer to revealing the mysterious past of Yuuko. However, getting closer to the truth also brings the students closer to the darkness hidden in the depths of the school – heading somwhere they will never be able to return from.

ImageCharacters: Yuuko Kanoe: A mysterious ghost living in the school. Her past is unknown, and she has an amnesia. On a faithful day, she meets Teiichi, who promises to find the truth for her, and she immediately falls in love with the boy. Throughout the series, she tries to be lovey-dovey with him, and wants Teiichi to admit that he also has feelings for her. Teiichi Niiya: A typical school-aged protagonist of a series. He is determined to find out the truth behind Yuuko’s death, and cares about her. As time goes on, his feelings for the ghost-girl become deeper, and he finally starts loving her back. It would be a perfect (and unoriginal) love story if not for the simple fact – one of them is a human, while the other is a ghost.

ImageVisuals: Fairly good. I didn’t like the art very well – perhaps it’s just not my cup of tea. The colours were quite dark, but that didn’t make the anime any scarier. Maybe the lack of horror was due to the excess humour coming from the characters’ personalities, and the funny use of facial expressions.

Sound: I loved the opening and ending songs. Really enjoyable, and I often listened to both of them prior and after the episode. Teiichi’s voice actor wasn’t chosen very well in my opinion – somebody with a bit stronger voice would’ve been better. Yuuko’s voice on the other hand fit her character very well. The rest of the minor characters also had quite good voices, or at least I cannot remember those that I disliked. Background music was atmospheric – good for the anime.

ImageConclusion: It was one of the more average series I’ve seen. I didn’t particularly hate anything about Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, but it didn’t have many great moments either. The characters, and most of the atmospheric moments were good – but other than that the anime did an average job. Lots of fan-service… It really wasn’t necessary here. The ending could have been amazing, but instead the authors decided to go with a different one, and I was a bit disappointed with the final moments of the series. In general, though, the idea seemed original to me, and some of the plot devices that were used throughout the series were interesting, so I raised my score from what it could have been otherwise – in addition, I didn’t even look at Tasogare Otome x Amnesia as a horror anime. No, it was a comedy with some mysteriously dark moments.

Score: 7.5/10

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