K (TV) – Episode 13 (FINAL)

ImageAfter taking a break from blogging for the Christmas, I’m back with some sad news. This season’s Project K is over. I wrote about all episodes, but this one was probably the most impressive one.

The beginning, which gave no obvious hints how everything would be concluded, showed us Shiro and his friends. Kuro pled allegiance to the Silver King, Shiro, and together they went to stop the Colourless King. Still in Kukuri’s body, he was making plans on whose body to take over first, but was suddenly interrupted. As the Red and Blue Kings were still fighting, the Colourless King seemed to have taken over Shiro’s body.

ImageHowever, as we often see in works of fiction, things don’t go so smoothly. It turns out to be a trap set by Shiro, and he manages to capture the enemy in his own consciousness. From there, he sends Kuro off with unconscious Kukuri, and heads towards the battlefield. Holding all of the Colourless King’spersonalities inside isn’t as easy as Shiro tries to make it seem, and as time goes on, more of them show through.

Suddenly, everything is over. Shiro stops the battle, and tells Mikoto that he brought the one the Red King needed. Mikoto thanks him, and freely stabs through Shiro, creating a huge explosion. Shiro’s Sword of Damocles is shown to disappear, meaning that the Silver King has passed away, together with the Colourless King within him.

ImageWhen the explosion subsided, Mikoto appears to be happy. He is ready to accept his destiny and apologizes to Munakata (Blue King) for making him take care of the dirty work. The latter then proceeds to kill the Red King with his sword. At the same time, the Red Sword of Damocles is falling towards its owner, just like in the Greek legend – a sword that is always hanging above a king’s head, on a single horse-hair.

Mikoto dies, Munakata returns to his men. HOMRA members, who are griefing over their loss, suddenly show that their spirit isn’t dead – they shout the slogan of the gang, and their flames form a beautiful final reminder of the best leader they could have wished for. Kuro and Neko are also sad, but as with the HOMRA, they decide to move on as if Shiro was still there – he was an immortal king after-all. I’d say it was a rather bitter-sweet ending. Not depressing, but still sad.

ImageMy thoughts about the anime as a whole:

Ending: It was okay. I can’t say that I really enjoyed how it all ended, but I guess it could’ve been worse. As I had said in my previous posts about this anime, I would have expected Shiro to have a greater impact on the story. I don’t want to believe that the Silver King – the strongest King in the world – could just let himself be killed. Wasn’t he supposed to be immortal, and therefore invincible? And all he achieved was getting rid of the weakest King, who didn’t even have any strong enough powers of his own. Disappointing.

Visuals: Yes, this is something that I loved about Project K. It never stopped with the amazing animation, and very few series manage to actually maintain the standards they set in the beginning of the series. It wasn’t just the smoothness of animation though – the art also impressed me. The use of colours and different tones in different settings was quite interesting and worked well to tranfer the atmosphere of the events on the screen. This, together with the great amount of detail in the character design, raised my opinion of K by alot.

ImageSound: The studio that brought K to the viewers really didn’t seem to care about money. They gathered the best voice actors, especially for the male roles. Even side-characters that were barely shown could be recognized by their voices. A big plus and a passing mark here.

Story: I have my doubts here. Some series seem extremely rushed, and the authors try to force a really long story into 13 episodes. This often makes people criticize the anime and especially the ending. However, there are anime that try to prolong a short anime into something longer – that’s how I felt about Project K. It could’ve had much more content, and some of the episodes were utterly pointless in regards to the actual story. I would be more accepting if the story was even good – instead, for the most part, we get a pretty much mediocre plot with barely any progress. At least the twist at the end soothed the negative things about the anime.

ImageOverall: Before starting to watch K, I didn’t have that many expectations. I heard from people that it didn’t have a very good plot, and judging from the fact that the manga was tagged as Shoujo, I knew what to expect. However, upont starting it, my thoughts changed. I enjoyed the very beginning and raised my expectations, just to be let down later. One of the positive things was that Shiro wasn’t just an average powerless, meaningless character.

Second season? Why? I don’t understand why would this anime need another season. Three of the five Kings that were introduced are dead. Giving their powers to somebody else would be stupid, unless they want this to last like the typical Shounen Jump series. Nah, I would rather be glad with what we have now, and not be disappointed with another season. If there was more, it would be a completely different story – Totsuka’s murder, which was the central point of the first season, has finally been solved. Oh, well. It’s for the authors to decide.

Score: 7/10

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  1. why second season? BECAUSE IT SELLS!!!!

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