K (TV) – Episode 12

ImageThis week’s episode of K was slightly different from what I expected. I thought Shiro would take direct action immediately, but instead, he remained his peaceful self.

As the Blue and Red Kings start fighting and destroying the landscape in the process, Shiro – Adolf Weismann – starts preparing everything to interfere with their conflict, and to stop the Colourless King. For that he needs help from both of the clans on the island. He uses plenty of his super-powers, and the powers of Neko, but there are no fight scenes involving him. What a pity – since I personally would love to see how strong the Silver King is compared to other Kings.

ImageThe students are evacuated from the island thanks to Neko and her illusions of Shiro, which in turn enrages the Colourless King, who is still residing in the body of Kukuri. It appears that he has serveral personalities in one body – hinting that additionally to taking over a body, he also adds a new mind to accompany himself. After confirming that the students are out of danger, Shiro, having talked everything over with his old friend – Lieutenant Kokujouji, the Golden King – sets out to stop the fight of the two Kings.

Thoughts: It was an okay episode. I would have hoped to see more of Shiro in his new form and personality, but instead I saw a lot of side-action. On the other hand, it was good in terms of plot, because it was confirmed who the Golden King was, and what the Silver King’s intentions are. Score: 7.5/10

ImageThe preview was disappointing. There’s just one more episode left, and I really want to see more action. If the ending will be as cheesy as it seemed from the short clip, I’ll be even more disappointed. Shiro is the Silver King after all – he is the strongest man in the world, and should show it not only with his invincibility.

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