Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! (TV) – Review

ImageThe saddest moment of every season for an anime watcher like me is a the end – when all the animes I’ve been following come to an end, and are being finished one by one. Same happened with Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! this week.

As seen from the title of the blog post – this isn’t a review of an episode, but a review of the whole anime. In general, it was one of the more positive series of the season. Not only by the genre, which was mostly comedy, but by its success. I guess Kyouto Animation did a good job here.

ImageStory (might contain spoilers): The anime takes place in a modern world, in the present time, in a normal neighbourhood. However, people there aren’t all completely normal – most of them went through the so-called “eight-grader syndrome” in the past. While most of them got over it, there ar some exceptions – such as the main herioine of the series, Takanashi Rikka. She still believes in her super-powers, and thinks her neghbour, Togashi Yuuta, is also his past self – Dark Flame Master. Yuuta, on the other hand, is trying his best to hide his shameful ‘chuunibyou’ past from his new classmates, and Rikka’s imagination isn’t doing him any good in this. He helps Rikka make a club for her activities, and becomes her friend. Later, more people join the club (everybody for a different reason, though) and they all have fun. By the end of the series, the light comedy of the series escalates into drama, and more of the character’s pasts are revealed. The ending is as expected from an anime of this genre.

Thoughts: I loved it. It really reminded me of Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko, but didn’t have some of the negative sides of it. Chuunibyou really got me to enjoy the comedy it had, and laugh at quite a bit of the funny moments. The series didn’t feel to have many over-used elements either, which is good. The whole thing about the eight-grader syndrome – the Dark Flame Master, the Wicked Eye, the Eternal Horizon – were great additions to a slice-of-life setting. Plot holes? Who cares about them. If something is good, especially if it’s a series like Chuunibyou, why would you need to search for something to hate on?

ImageVisuals: The art quality was pleasing. Faces were drawn to be very detailed, unlike in many other anime. There were several landscapes, which I always love. The animation was good, and never seemed choppy or as if the authors were slacking somewhere. The end-arts were chosen were well. The action scenes had the right feeling to them. Overall, I really have nothing to complain about here.

Sound: In general, I don’t concentrate much on the audio of an anime. If the voice actors are any good, and none of them have an annoying high-pitched voice, it’s all good for me. Therefore, in that sense Chuunibyou really didn’t fail here. It was even better, since the voice actor cast managed to always get the right tone in a conversation, and nobody over-acted. Every character was just like they should be, and acted the way one would expect them. Once again, nothing to complain about.

ImageCharacters: Main characters were okay – everybody had a role. For the most series I was bothered by Kumin, though. For 11 episodes, she did absolutely nothing but sleep. No part in anything, no development. The typical side-characters who’s just there. The final episode thankfully saved her as a character and she finally did something good for the story. Character development? Nah, there was none. For a moment it seemed as if everybody went through some changes, but the last episode set it all straight and everything ended up just like it started. Perhaps the only difference could be seen in Yuuta, who learned to accept his old self.

Conclusion: One of the best series I’ve seen of this genre. It had everything: good humour, amazing facial expressions, deep story, a bit of drama, many original characters. If not for the lack of actual changes in the plot, I wouldn’t even doubt about this anime being worth of the best score. However, as said, I can’t give it a 10. Plus, if I think about it, there wasn’t even a real story. Just a bunch of episodes bound by one background and theme. A really good one, so it’s okay, and all can be forgiven! Therefore, a relatively high score for this anime: 9.0/10.

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