Zetsuen no Tempest (TV) – Episode 7

ImageThis episode of Zetsuen no Tempest was pretty solid. If I think about it, I pretty much learned nothing new, and that is despite the whole episode being filled with a major flashback from the days when Aika was still alive.

Putting that aside, everything started out well – Yoshino and Mahiro are sleeping in an old trailer. There they share a few words about the stars and such, and just go to sleep. That’s where the main plot of the episode started – Yoshino dreaming of the past.

ImageMahiro, who was still unsure of his feelings towards his sister (un-related by blood, though), told her to not start a relationship with anybody. Aika asked teasingly asked whether it was okay, if she already was dating somebody. At this point she really was – Yoshino. Despite acting very cold towards him in front of her brother, they were spending a lot of time together.

Mahiro probably got a bit suspicious, and invited Yoshino to a double-date with two college girls. The date didn’t go too well, because the guys got too absorbed in competing with themselves, and left the girls without attention. Upon getting home and seeing Aika relax there, Mahiro said the opposite of what actually happened – he said that Yoshino enjoyed the date very much. This, in my opinion, was the biggest hint towards his already growing suspicion. Aika acted composedly, and told him that Yoshino isn’t that kind of person. As she said: “The one best suited for Yoshino-san would be someone like you, Mahiro.” Thankfully not in the sense of yaoi, but in their personalities.

ImageMoving on, the three characters went to a summer house of Mahir’s family. They were left alone there, because the parents had work to do, and couldn’t come with the children. Therefore, all house-chores were on their shoulders. From Aika’s cold actions towards Yoshino, Mahiro once again expressed his suspicion – whether she invited him to relieve her frustration, or she was plotting something.

Apparently it was the latter, because in the evening, the two (Yoshino and Aika) went to look at the stars and almost kissed. I said almost, because they were interrupted (intentionally?) by Mahiro, who wanted to play cards. After the game, the two guys shared a conversation before going to sleep, and Mahiro warned his friend about Aika, and her often plotting something. This made me think, whether she really was ever showing her genuine feelings.

ImageIn the morning, the girl called Yoshino, and they went to a sun-flower field, where they once again almost kissed. However, now they weren’t interrupted by anybody, but Aika just said “The sunflowers are watching.” After that, Yoshino woke up, with a gun pointed at him by Mahiro, who stated he was already excited to use the talisman. I didn’t really understand why Yoshino got extremely scared, but I guess he still hadn’t completely woken up yet, and thought Mahiro wanted to shoot him for his relationship with his now dead sister. The guys then set out towards Samon’s hideout to finally put an end to the revival of the tree of Exodus.

In general, as I said it was all pretty solid. We didn’t get to know almost anything new, that would be relevant – perhaps only that Mahiro was probably aware of the relationship between his sister and his best friend. Everything else I already knew, and it could easily be predicted that the lovers never even shared a kiss. Apart from that, everything else was as good as always – the voice acting was great, and the sceneries were quite detailed, like in the past few episodes. The art quality bothered me a bit at some points, but nothing that would deter me from this overall one of the best anime’s of this season. 7.5 out of 10

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