Zetsuen no Tempest (TV) – Episode 6

ImageThings slowed down a bit here. Nothing huge was revealed, but the story was still good. As with the last episode, a plot twist was added, but it didn’t feel big. As if it was to be expected.

The pair of main characters finished their conversation with Junichirou, who refused to join the conflict on their side. He appears to be the son of the former leader of Kusaribe clan – and he can’t use magic. In his childhood, due to his position, he didn’t have to treat Hakaze as a princess, and so was more of an older brother to her. However, his lack of magical powers doesn’t make him weak. When Natsumura (the mage with a spear) appeared to kill him, he used some mysterious power and without much effort beat the attacker.


Meanwhile, Mahiro and Yoshino leave towards the hideout of Samon, because the third fruit appeared, and they had to act faster to put an end to the revival of the Tree of Exodus. When they stop to see the contents of the suitcase they got from Junichirou, they see it is a gun. Hakaze begins explaining why a gun is such a good offering to the Tree of Genesis, but the guys are attacked by the military.

ImageIt gets revealed that the assault was a mutual plan of Yoshino and the female agent from episodes 1 and 2. They staged a kidnapping of Yoshino, and in return for a few talismans, he received a gun and two bottles of tear gas (?). He then proceeds to listen to a briefing from a man in charge of the Black Iron syndrome. The military are planning to declare a war on the mages, because their conflict is affecting the society too much.

Yoshino doesn’t have time to actually join the military, though, because Mahiro comes to save him. By using up at least 2 of his talismans, he manages to make Yoshino jump out of the moving car, and Yoshino pretends to be saved. They then return to the suitcase, and a flashback is shown where Aika asks Mahiro, whether he wants her to be his woman. Yes, in this episode it was said that Aika wasn’t related to Mahiro by blood, thus making him pretty much equal to Yoshino. Additionally, it was hinted that Mahiro liked her.

ImageAlthough it wasn’t as interesting as previous episodes, it was still okay. The intensity of the story remains consistently good, and the twists keep coming one after another. I once again, though, managed to get spoiled about one of these, so now I guess I know the explanation behind the dead body (or should I say a skeleton) of Hakaze. Hope I didn’t fully understand what I read and I got a wrong theory. Nevertheless, it isn’t the main plot of this anime, so it should be okay.

In general, I really think this is one of the best anime series this season. Yes, this is a very biased opinion, but I can’t think of anything that could be this interesting and not fall off as time goes on.


This is a bit off-topic, but I was rather disappointed in the main series on my “Plan to wtach” list: Little Busters, Robotics;Notes and Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. I saw only first episodes, and will watch more later, but based on their initial impressions, they didn’t live up to the hype. Sword Art Online is another story – I’m not sure how to rate it. I really loved the first 3 episodes, but then I read the novel and my impression decreased. But what if I didn’t read it? Would I still keep the rating high? Who knows. Chuunbyou is also one of the series I’ve been watching, but it doesn’t have a great story – just really funny and enjoyable. Lastly, I’m still reserving my judgement about Shinsekai Yori, until I watch more of it. First episode was interesting, though, but very confusing.

Anyway, the score for this episode would be 7.5/10. Yes, quite low by my standards, but I want to get my rating scale a bit lower. Otherwise I’ll only have 8s and 9s, which I don’t want.

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