Zetsuen no Tempest (TV) – Episode 5

ImageI can’t believe how this anime doesn’t stop surprising me every time I watch a new episode! Last episode my image of the friendship between two main characters was reshaped, while this week a twist was added to the plot.

Despite the overall episode being very enjoyable, the beginning was quite dull. There was a conversation between Hakaze and the guys, and she explained more about the legendary trees, and what Samon is trying to achieve. She also sends them to an old aquarium building, where she hid one of her talismans.

ImageAs soon as they get there, they are greeted by a new character – another antagonist, named Tetsuma. He’s working under Samon, and was sent there to apprehend Mahiro and Yoshino. Apparently, by thinking up a smart plan, the guys overpower the enemies and force them to leave. Now they have to move on, and meet one of Hakaze’s acquaintances – Hoshimura Junichirou.

As revealed from their initial conversation, Junichirou was most likely a childhood friend of the princess, because he even knew about her wetting the bed. This revelation greatly embarassed her. Junichirou also asked for a password when the two came to his apartment – “Boobs that don’t shake aren’t boobs at all.” Funny phrase to be used, and shows what kind of character he really is despite the outer innocence.

ImageAfter giving a suitcase with the talisman to Mahiro and Yoshino, Junichirou says something really strange. That Hakaze has died. At first, both, the characters’ reaction and mine was disbelief, and as Hakaze smashes a barrel with her hands, she says that Samon is spreading lies. However, the friend of her says that he himself confirmed the death – the princesses body was found near a wooden barrel on an island, completely lifeless.

Meanwhile, a glimpse of Hakaze’s power is shown, when she single handedly, using a small piece of metal (talisman?) overpowers a group consisting of Samon, Tetsuma, Natsumura and some random mages. This explains the hole in the mountain at the end of episode 3.

ImageThoughts: Wow, just wow! I don’t even know what to think now. On first thought, this seems like a blatant lie by Samon, and probably a plan he thought up to come out on top in the conflict. On the other hand, how could he fake her death, if all magic obeys the laws of logic? Will hope this to become a mystery that will lead this anime on. Perhaps there is something much more complicated behind all of this, but only time will show. The preview didn’t reveal much either – although it is hinted that the princess is alive after all – as said by Samon: “Ensure that the princess perishes.”, and by Hakaze: “There are no such things as ghosts.” Apart from that, the series are probably reaching the main stage, where the two guys finally interfere with the world of mages. Score: 8.5/10 for the added mystery.

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