Zetsuen no Tempest (TV) – Episode 4

ImageZetsuen no Tempest really is one of the best series this season. It manages to perfectly fit the more peaceful theme into the whole horrifying setting of mysterious disease killing thousands of people. Episode 4 is a perfect example of this.

I liked this episode in particular, because it explained something that interested me – the story behind Yoshino’s and Mahiro’s friendship. Yes, if it was left unexplained, I would not complain. However, since it was, it can certainly be counted as a plus towards my enjoyment of this anime.

ImageAnyway, the episode brought about another disaster – another fruit emerged from a mountain near shrine where the two friends were stopping by. Seeing the butterflies, Yoshino tried warning people, but as expected, nobody listened. The result was that all people in the nearby area were turned into metal – just like in the first episode. A bit confusing to me was the similarity to the scene after ending of episode 3. A shrine was shown, and characters certainly looked very similar (probably they were the same people, after all). But if earlier they were talking about the conflict in the world of mages, then now they seemed to know nothing. Additionally, there was no huge mountain with a big hole in it anywhere close.

Moving on, though, the appearance of the monstrous “fruit” just set the ground for the background story behind the main characters. As Mahiro went to take a bath in a now abandoned house, Yoshino told Hakaze about his meeting with his friend.

ImageApparently, Mahiro was the son of a rich man, and everybody at school was scared of him. One day, while he was going home by himself, a mugger, who was escaping from the police, crashed into him on a motorcycle. The mugger died, but Mahiro just broke a few bones. Nevertheless, he was hospitalized, and somebody had to visit him from the class. Since nobody wanted to, and Yoshino was on class duty, he had to go with the teacher.

After honestly telling Mahiro that he was forced to come, he accepts to help him uncover the identity of the mugger and his intentions. It comes out after a thorough investigation by the boy, that the mugger was actually trying to kill Mahiro, and the one that told him to do that, was a man who hated Mahiro’s father – his former driver. After that the boys didn’t instantly become friends – instead, Yoshino, against his own will, was put in charge of being Mahiro’s guardian. Only time made them grow closer and become good friends. What a nice story of a friendship starting due to a simple coincidence…

ImageI don’t really have much to add towards my thoughts about this episode, so I’ll keep it short this time. In general, as I said, I like when an episode of this type is fit into the action-packed plot. Knowing more about the characters you are dealing with is always great. The visual were quite average, but voice acting was on a consistently high level. I think there was also some female fan-service present – if you consider Mahiro being naked in the bath to be that. Thankfully, it didn’t go farther than the bath scene.

The preview is promising – there’s going to be a fight between a new character and the two friends. Looking forward to that, but I hope it won’t drag out for far too long.

Score of episode four: 8.5/10

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